2011 Fashion Elements For Men In Winter

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winter fashion 2011 for men

Each season every year, brings along some distinctive fashion trends that become the flavor of that particular season. Similarly, mentioned here are the top 6 trends of winter fashion 2011 for men. Take a look:

Canada Goose Men's Lodge Down Jacket

Canada Goose Men's Lodge Down Jacket

Down Jackets For Men

When the weather becomes cold, the most important thing that people look for in their garment is the one that will make them warm while at the same time makes them trendy. Down jackets is one of the best garments any man must have in his wardrobe in winter especially in zones of very high weather. Down jackets are called this name as they are made from down feathers, they are light in weight but give excellent warming and their jackets look great as well. Down jackets have a big volume but look good and ensure you to be warm all the time. Some down jackets have high collars and attached hoods to give extra protection for the throat and the head and protect you from the rain as well, some hoods have attached removable fur. Down jackets are available in different colors and lengths, they have zipped front fastenings and have internal and external pockets to keep your stuff, pockets are usually zipped for extra safety. Down jackets are very comfortable to wear and can go with different styles and can be worn every day. Most of down jackets are characterized by having a quilted-through look, they can be compressed   or with a looser shape.

Blazers for Men

The word Blazer means a type of jacket, and the word originally assembles the jacket of a suit. A blazer is mostly referred to as a formal jacket that has a more serious form and doesn’t give a casual look. A blazer nowadays has generalized into many forms, they might keep the formal look like a jacket of a suit style, but they can be worn now on various styles and by all ages. Blazers now are generally buttoned jackets, the number of buttons might vary between one and three buttons that are mostly made of metal, and it has a lapel that can have varied styles like being wide or narrow, notch or peak. A blazer now is also available in different cuts, it can have a regular fit, or can have a slim fit and this is the mostly used style by men especially young men and youth, and the blazer can be plain, striped or plaid. Blazers also have different styles of pockets; they can have flap pockets, welt pockets or besom pockets. Blazers can be worn with suits, on classical pants and dress shirts giving a look similar to a suit but with pieces different in color and material. The most modern form where the blazers are used now is that they can look so formal and yet they can be worn on a totally casual outfit, you can see a blazer similar to that of a suit, worn on jeans and even a shirt under it. The styles became very variable, and they are now available with different styles, and some of them can even have attached hoods or zippered fastenings under the buttons Blazers before used to be done with serious formal colors like black, grey, navy or brown; but now you can find a red or yellow blazer that would look perfect or jeans pants in the morning, they are also now made from a wide range of materials giving you different preferences. Blazers are great in winter as they will make you warm while giving you a great style that you can change a lot and still look trendy and elegant.

Canada Goose Men's Banff Parka
Canada Goose Men's Banff Parka

Parkas for Men

When you live in a highly cold or even a freezing area, the first thing you look for in your clothes is sufficient warmth. Your clothes in this condition must ensure complete warmth, dryness and water proof properties to protect you from the ice or the rain. Parkas are your best options in freezing weather conditions; they are the heaviest and most warming available jackets. Parkas are water proof big hooded heavy jackets that also have internal linings and coatings to give you maximum warmth. Parkas are perfect for Eskimos, because they ensure full warmth and protection against their extraordinary conditions, they insulate them totally from the ice, keep them dry and heated. Parkas might not be the best jackets to make you look fit, but in these weather conditions, you don’t need a jacket that is close to your body, you need something heavy to give you heat. Parks have zippered or buttoned front fastenings and big pockets and hood that can have fur or faux fur lining for extra warmth. Parkas are available in different colors and materials to choose among them what you need.

Hooded Sweatshirts For Men

Hooded Sweatshirts For Men

Men’s sweatshirts are nice and elegant pieces in every wardrobe. They are essential in winter, they form a lovely casual style when paired with men’s jeans and they suit the men in all ages. The sweatshirts are not only known as casual styled attire. They can serve better when paired with casual attire, but also so nice as a classic style. Men’s sweatshirts come in variant designs and the zippered style is one of the lovely sweats when paired with classic pants or straight common jeans. There are many types of men’s sweatshirts come the form of zippered sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, long sleeved, ¾ sleeved, sleeveless, knit sweatshirts and so many other styles. The collection we are introducing is a good mix of all these designs which came in elegant colors and made by different brands. The sweatshirts are made of cotton to suit summer use, merino wool for winter, cashmere, knitted or tailored; and made with different collar designs.

Men's Canada Goose HyBridge Hoody
Men's Canada Goose HyBridge Hoody

Men's Sleeveless Hoodies

Sweatshirts, hooded shirts, and other types of clothing are so essential for every man, and especially those who like the quick, practical style or the young ages as such clothes are not restricting. Hoodies are defined as sweatshirts with head covers and large pocket in the front, such as the kangaroo pocket. The design of the hoodie “or hoody” was basically made to allow much comfort within the casual garments to make them suitable for sport, walking and other similar activities without causing restriction, and the idea of large pocket in the front was to allow holding essential stuff like wallets, mobile phone, walkman, notebook, candy and chocolate for cinema, and other small things that one might need while going out. There are two types of hoodies, the common hoodie that come with a pocket without zippering and the other zippered style. Both are practical and can do the same job, they only differ in design as one may prefer to wear a model with some clothes and not the other model with similar clothes. They come in different sizes   and prints with elegant colors, and they are always tight around the waist even if zippered. Hoodies come in many designs and recently the sleeveless style became a nice trend that young men and teenagers like to wear.

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