5 Fashion Elements To Try For 2011 Fall/Winter

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New Fashion Trends can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. However, it’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for trends that can easily update your look. Each season there are always those trends that are instant hits, and are adopted by fashion conscious folk the world over. The following are just a few new fashion trends that you may want to try out this season.

1.Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Brights are having a moment. Think win the spotlight with desirable, wow-worthy pieces that will add an instant hit of boldness and sophistication.

2.Polka Dots

Polka Dots

A true Fashion can help you underline your individuality and dots are the easiest way to make a fashion statement as they go with everything and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Polka dots bring a lot of fun to an outfit making all the difference and taking any outfit out of the simple zone towards sophistication. They are a classic is the fashion industry making a constant comeback so why not give them a try and make your outfit scream for attention. For Moncler coats.

3.Trendy Prints

Trendy Prints

The new season is placing a heavy emphasis on trendy prints, so if you want to make sure you look super hot this fall/winter 2011-2012 season you'd better update your wardrobe. The best thing about the season's prints is that you can keep some of your trendy outfits from the previous season as some prints are maintaining a firm position this season as well. 

As expected, colors are toning down a bit this season, so in order to give your outfit a boost of style and sophistication, a variety of trendy prints have been used, prints which suit different styles and preferences, so you can find the perfect match for you. 

4.Fur Fashion

Fur Fashion

Fur can be the perfect style booster for the season, so don't hesitate to try accents of fur through accessories or go all luxury and opt for a fab fur vest or coat depending on personal preference. Fashion designers have demonstrated the power of fur in fashion, so if you're all about style the fall/winter 2011-2012 fur fashion trend will most definitely widen your fashion choices. The variety of fur styles, the endless designs and hues help you find the adequate match for you, so search for your perfect item. For Moncler outlet.

5.Plaid Fashion

Plaid Fashion

Nowadays plaids aren't stopping at just shirts, they are used for everything from accessories to skirts, coats and trousers, so go bold and experiment. The fun and fierce design of the plaid takes towards a vintage, statement style that will most definitely draw attention. Plaids have always expressed casualness, but it seems that designers have managed a way to make them a part of more elegant pieces such as dresses and skirt suits.
The diversity of the plaid is amazing, so no wonder that this fall/winter season they are bringing the joy into fashion. Fun, fresh and flirty are only a few words that pop into our mind when thinking of plaids, so make the best out of your look this season with an all plaid of plaid accent outfit. 
Designers have tried their best to make the plaids exude femininity and elegance and their efforts definitely paid-off as you can now dress them up or dress them down depending on the event you're attending.

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