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Involved with ghd on professional training and education for hairdressers since Spring 2008, the London-based BLOWW salon owner and TV's The Salon celebrity stylist, Paul Merritt, is working with ghd websites on an innovative new training programme for stylists near you. Known for creating super sharp, precision-cut hair using the ghd iv straighteners before and after cutting, his styling approach is about combining skill with a smart attitude to deliver a haircut the client not only loves but that makes her feel great, too. This is what being radiant is all about. Here, he tells us his definition of radiance and just what it takes to achieve it.


What are you working on?


I'm running the ghd Urban Couture course at the brand new ghd styler academy in Leeds and developing ‘An Audience With Paul Merritt'.


What can we expect?


It's about addressing what hairdressing means to me and how I've used it to achieve certain goals, so for stylists, it's about where they can take their career. What's important for me, is not only the technique, but understanding what's right for the client.


What are the style directions for 2009?


What's interesting is that clients are less afraid about doing their own hair and they are getting better at it too. Rather than specific style trends, people are investing more time and effort into looking glamorous.


What inspires you?


Photographers Tim Bret-Day and Mario Testino, who shoot for magazines such as Vogue. I loved the latest Burberry ad. If you look at the big Bond Street brands, they pick the best photographers and stylists who achieve amazing looks. I also love living in London. It's one of the places that people gravitate to because it's so eclectic. I like being around it.


What qualities do you admire in a woman?


I would say something like style over trend. I prefer a woman who's stylish but not necessarily chasing a trend. She can have a great wardrobe, but puts it together for herself.


How would you define radiance?


Beauty and confidence: it's a combination of the two. It's when not only does a woman look great but she has an air of something else.


Who has that added something?


If you look at someone like Cheryl Cole, she never used to have it, but now she does. For a left field option: Dita von Teese. What she lacks in beauty, she makes up for in confidence, which makes her stunning. My favourite at the moment is Olga Kurylenko... the new Bond girl. Very hot.


Cheryl Cole at the Prince's Trust and L'Oreal Paris Celebrate Success Awards


How do you achieve radiance?


It's about empowering confidence. The way a hairdresser can do that is to get the right combination of colour, cut and style. You can do someone's hair and if it looks fantastic, they feel six inches taller.


What are the hero products?


The ghd salon straighteners. I think it's one of the best products for creating movement and changing the look of the hair.


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