Best Hair Straightener For Medium And Thin Hair

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When we choose hair straighteners, the best tool for you should be determined by your hair type! There are hair styling tools designed for each type of hair and specifically, there are thin or mini hair straighteners. In this article we’ll discuss how to choose the right tool for thin or medium hair.

Choosing Mini Hair Straighteners

The most important factor in choosing the right tool is to select one with plates that will not damage your hair. Thin to medium hair is more fragile, more easily damaged, than thicker hair, so choosing titanium or ceramic plate thin hair straighteners are essential. The ceramic might be a coating or a solid piece. Also look for a straightener that employs ceramic tourmaline heaters, which emit negative ions which provide less damaging heat and seal in hair’s natural moisture. They may even facilitate healing for hair that has been damaged with the use of harsh chemicals or overuse of a hair dryer.For ghd mini stylers with thin plates.

The second tip is to make sure that the tool you select has adjustable heat. Low to medium settings are best, with temperatures in the 200F to 325F range. Never use heat over 350F. If a straightener offers only one heat setting, it will almost certainly be too high for your hair.For CHI Turbo Regular 1" Flat Iron.

Finally, if you need thin hair straighteners, and your hair is in the range from thin to medium, you will be better served by a straightener that uses a narrower set of plates. These blades will do a very good job of straightening your hair, and will also offer the versatility of being useful for styling. The thinner the plates are, the greater the ability they have to curl, twist, provide waves, or add the other touches that make hair styles unique. Some straighteners with thinner plates, from 5/8 inch to 1 ¼ inch, also offer rounded edges, which are wonderful for producing a wide variety of attractive styles.For CHI WEE Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron,the Original (WEE CHI) 1/2", is a versatile tool with the chic, slimmest width ceramic panels, for tight curls and styling thin fragile or short hair.

Tips for thin hair straighteners

  • Make sure you condition thin hair before straightening
  • If you hair is not just fine and thin, but actually thinning, be super careful when choosing thin hair straighteners
  • Use a ceramic straightener if possible

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