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Celebrity Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

With the holidays approaching,do you find it rather difficult to choose the perfect holiday hairstyle able to meet all our needs? Don't worry. GHD blog helps you find the best celebrity inspired holiday hairstyles.As we always search for something stylish, worthy for a Hollywood diva, yet extremely easy to make, the holiday hairstyle “hunting” becomes more than challenging. If you lack ideas, take a look to the following celebrity-inspired hairstyles. From the classic French twist to messy buns and fishtail braids, there are plenty of elegant, yet simple styles for you to draw your inspiration.Pay attention to choose best hair styling products and we recommend that you choose Hair Straighteners UK brand-ghd, to style your hair.

Every woman knows that finding the most flattering hairstyle for the holiday season can be a tricky business. The task not only requires patience and basic styling skills, but also a few styling products and tools. Besides, the necessity of taking into consideration various elements, such as face shape, makeup, outfit, or occasion, makes our job even more difficult. In order to look gorgeous, here are a few celebrity hairstyles to draw inspiration from for a chic holiday hairstyle. For holiday hairstyles styling, there can't be lack of a professional hair straightener which can give more care to your hair.

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The chignon is the perfect hairstyle for busy women who are always in a hurry. Besides, its versatility makes it a great choice for the holidays. Simple, yet extremely chic and elegant, the classic French twist works amazing for a day at the office, but also for a special, formal event as it adds refinement whether you have medium-length or long hair. Start by brushing your hair as you normally do. Gather your hair into a low ponytail without securing it. With your right, hold its ends up, then twist it, making a roll. You need a few hairpins to twist it into place. As a final step apply some hair spray. For a glam-rock appearance, backcomb hair in the front.

Kristen Stewart Shailene Woodley
Scarlett Johansson Lauren Conrad

As we have said it before, the chignon is an irreplaceable hairstyle exuding maximum sophistication and elegance. Moreover, in times of styling crisis it can become a real lifesaver. Therefore, if for the holidays you run out of ideas, the already legendary chignon can help you pull things together. In just an instant you can obtain that glamorous, yet very simple hairstyle.
The easiest and quickest way to shine without too much effort is to choose a chignon as seen at Scarlett Johansson. This hairstyle doesn't require special styling skills or products. You just have to use the black ghd straighteners and make a few waves or curls. Set the chignon on one side, at ear level, and secure it using some small hairpins. Don't forget to fix everything with some hair spray.

Even though it might sound and look rather girly and playful, a top knot can be very sexy, especially when properly worn and matched. As an updo always seems to work, celebrities have been spotted sporting the top knot on the red carpet, at different events. From the really polished version to a messier one, the top knot has various variants suitable for every taste and style. This is the perfect hairstyle if you want to enhance your beautiful features or your most precious jewelry. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and twirl hair around the elastic band. You can secure the knot using an elastic band or, for a more elegant approach, a few hairpins. Apply a generous misting of hairspray.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Kim Kardashian
Ursula Corbero Kate Bosworth

Since braids seem to become the It-hairstyle of the moment, the one that always delivers, they are as sexy as playful, whether you want something more practical or on the contrary more glam. The timeless braid allows numerous variations, reinventing itself season after season. Braided hairstyles are far away from being the schoolgirl hairstyle and can be perfectly chosen for a night out. Whether you go for the loose, boho style, or for braided chignons, don't be afraid to dare something different. For example, a side braid or a fishtail braid secured with a soft silky ribbon can be both flirty and girly, yet feminine and romantic.

The simple braid is a chameleonic hairstyle that can be adapted to any situation and occasion, day or night. You can make a beautiful combination between braids and messy buns. If you are more into the loose, effortless style, try the hairstyle seen at Mary-Kate Olsen with hair gently curled, flyaways framing your face, side braids and hair gathered into a messy bun placed at the nape of the neck. If this hairstyle looks rather difficult to do at home, you can still try other variations with a simple side bun and French braids on each side. Braiding in ribbons throughout the braids can be an extremely interesting approach.

Selena Gomez Leona Lewis

Mary-Kate Olsen

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