CHI Irons and GHDs Comparison

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If you are a person who like styling your hair with hair straighteners. Then you must see this post which will help you make a better decision for next time purchase.


This post is part of CHI irons and ghds comparisons and Frenzy is conducting to see how CHI stacks up against other professional flat irons. So, let's put chi straighteners to the test against ghd straightener based on temperature settings, materials, convenience, reviews and cost.


CHI Original Ceramic 1" versus ghd straighteners mk4


Heat Up


To kick things off, let's look at temperature. Comparing CHI to GHD, there's no obvious difference. Both irons come with exactly one heat setting - 370 degrees. And since the CHI and GHD offer quick heating time, these irons reach temperature within seconds.


GHD mk4 hair straightener mcontains an internal microprocessor to provide even ceramic heat over the entire plate, avoiding hot spots. Original chi flat iron maintains a similar level of heat, but it is not clear if CHI uses the same microprocessor technology as GHD. Either way both irons heat to 370 degrees and use ceramic heat technology to maintain this temperature.


Material Whirl


Hm, even match so far! Let's see if we can find some differences.


Well, they are both ceramic. So, ceramic versus ceramic - I guess there isn't much variation here either. As I mentioned before, GHD touts an internal microprocessor to spread the ceramic heat evenly across the plates. CHI does mention that in addition to ceramic plates, the coils are also ceramic, producing moist heat. Whether or not these are the same mechanics, I'm unsure but it seems the two are still in close competition.


Then, GHD brings something new to the table - floating plate technology. Basically, the ceramic plates adjust with hair to adapt to every hair textures while maintaining styling ability. So, GHD styles with heat rather than tension, chi straightening iron seems to lack this ability. This round goes to GHD stylers for this design versatility.


Convenience Capability


Both CHI and GHD promise more than straightening - as styling tools that can create a number of looks. CHI features an ergonomic design, weighs in at about two pounds and features a 10' swivel cord to ease physical strain on wrists and hands while styling.


The GHD design includes curved plates and a barrel shape for curls, waves and flips along with straightening. The styler weighs a bit less, around 1 ½ pounds, and features a professional swivel cord, along with an automatic safety shut off when the iron is left unattended for 30 minutes.


CHI and GHD seem pretty even in this category, too. Another tie.


What the Reviews Say


Just by comparing the number of reviews on for each product, CHI is in the lead with over 1300 compared with just 132 on GHD. The two differ in rankings with CHI scoring 4.12 out of 5, and GHD getting 4.57 of 5 stars.


But on Amazon, GHD has 28 reviews over just 2 for the CHI Original. I figured I'd take all of the Amazon reviews and 5 pages of reviews into account.


CHI receives well over half its reviews from satisfied customers who give the product top ranking. Sifting through the reviews most customers seem really impressed with how well the iron straightens their hair, and retains the style. On the other hand, customers complained about trouble using the CHI to create other styles like curls, and a number of customers had the CHI break or experience mechanical problems shortly after purchase.


GHD receives incredibly high marks from over 80% of its reviewers, with many customers raving about salon quality hair styles and the ability to create a variety of looks with ease. The top complaints customers wrote about were the fixed temperature setting and cost.


This round goes to GHD. Basically, even with less reviews, the GHD receives more positive feedback, the complaints seem less serious. An expensive flat iron with one heat setting is still better than a broken flat iron.


There's a big difference between CHI and GHD when it comes to cost. From what I can tell there is $100 dollar price difference between the two. But so far, GHD was leading CHI - so maybe the extra $100 is worth it?


The CHI Original has a manufacturer's list price of $179.95, but is available at for about £53.89 less. Some websites offer a warranty on CHI appliances, but the chi usa website says that internet purchases from online retailers will not be covered by the CHI warranty.


GHD lists for between $250-300 but is available for less than £72.73 on GHD has a similar warranty policy.


Both flat irons are big investments, with little protection, but this time CHI wins for affordability.


And the Winner is...


By a hair (pun intended), GHD. The CHI and GHD irons are incredibly similar, but ultimately, the GHD won. However, it's good to know that CHI is a great alternative to the pricier GHD styler.


For more information on both these products, check out the product pages on for chi straightening irons or cheap ghds.


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