Chic Fashion Investments-Fall/Winter 2011 Vests

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Fall/Winter vest

Every year designers offer a long and detailed list of some of the must have style pieces of the season. Indeed in order to adapt our wardrobe and with it our outfits to the latest style tendencies it is important to make some chic fashion investments for 2011. Pile up in your wardrobe all the high street basics to sport the latest style trends and have a spotless apparel for all occasion. The Fall/Winter 2011 vest style trends cover all the tendencies popularized by the big ticket designer collections. Watch out for the scene-stealing fabrics and tailoring designs and make sure you add a clean definition to your cool outfits with these too cool vests.

1.Down Vests

During the worst of the winter weather it is not always possible to remain indoors. If you have to go out you need to be wearing appropriate clothes to keep yourself warm. Garments which uses down filler can be an ideal choice of winter clothing and there are many types and styles to choose from.So down vests can be your best choise.Some down vests are extra light and can be reversed for use, not just during the winter season, but also during the fall. Indeed, it is becoming a popular choice among men these days, because of its versatility. Besides, there is also savings to be earned from purchasing a vest that are functional for two seasons. One brand is made of rip-stop nylon taffeta and with a fill down value of 700, making this reversible down jacket easy to pack, an attractive feature for those who love the mountains.

2.Faux Fur Vests

Faux Fur Vests

A shaggy faux fur vest is the perfect fall/winter garment for women and men. In general these types of garments are padded with hook clasp on front and they are installed with comprehensive details like slip pockets and inner lining. This type of outfit is matched perfectly with many types of tops like nylon stretchable top and ruffle blouses. Moreover they are come with either sleeve or sleeveless. As such, to sparkle your fall/winter, you need this garment. They will definitely be the most sweet, cute and stylish outfit for many casual occasions like sidewalk and weekend gathering.

3.Knit Vests

Knit Vests

No longer are you forced to sport the bulky knitwear when it comes of fall or winter. Instead take a closer look at these uber-flattering and unique designs that can be easily embedded into your casual as well as semi-formal wardrobe. The boyfriends style designs would be perfect to adopt a more versatile outfit whereas the sensuous and feminine tailoring designs would serve as the best means to flaunt those appealing curves you've got under the thick layers of clothes. Pick the right shade and print if you wish to adapt to the newest fashion trends and keep your look up-to-the-minute with the evolution of style tendencies.For Canada Goose Women's Camp Down Vest.

4.Leather Vests

Leather Vests

It is said that leather has no age. This is one of those fabrics that enjoys a history of thousands of years. Even from the Paleolithic they were discovered mural paintings revealing the fact that people were wearing different items made from animal skin. Then, there were the Greeks and Romans who used leather in order to make shoes or military uniforms. In fashion, the leather jacket became famous due to cinema development. The movie “The Wild One”, in 1953, in which Marlon Brando appeared in a leather jacket was the point when this item became a real fashion statement.

5.Shearling Vest

Shearling Vest

One of the dominating and arctic-inspired fabrics used with great prominence in the most faddish designer collections of the moment, the shearling trend managed to land on the top position when it comes of must have accessories for winter. Embracing the shearling vest trend would grant us with the pleasure of sporting a comfy and warm clothing item which can be easily pierced into various outfits. Take a closer look at the more relaxed and low key designs as well as the refined and high class shearling vest styles you can choose from.For Moncler vest.

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