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Classy Updo Hairstyles


In terms of elegance and glamor, nothing beats the versatility and sophistication of a creative updo. Suitable for both formal and non-formal occasions, updo hairstyles are a classic choice that works well for women with medium or long hair. Experiment with some interesting hairstyles that will surely compliment you. So today ghd stylers blog will share you classy updo hairstyles which will make a big difference for you.


Classy and sophisticated or casual and funky, updos are some of the most versatile hairstyles out there. Suitable for a myriad of occasions, updos combine functionality and elegance offering a multitude of styling possibilities with varying degrees of difficulty. Whether you like trendy, purposely messy bun hairstyles or you are interested in the classy glamor that only a perfectly polished updo can provide, getting creative and experimenting with different styles is still the best way to avoid boredom and expand your style vision.

If you like timeless updo styles, yet you still want to stay on top of the latest hairstyle trends, a good option is to choose high updo hairstyles. These are extremely easy to create, once you master the basics. Using high quality styling products and tools is necessary if you want to get a top notch result. Moreover, good styling products might also eliminate the need for frequent retouches throughout the day. So I think our ghd straighteners will be a good choice for you.The idea of the plates tugging or snagging your hair is now a thing of the past, and the new high-gloss plates are said to make this new ghd hair straightener ghd's best yet! Now the new 2011 ghd styler,GHD Gold Classic Styler is on sale, buy now!£109.99.


While a cute bun hairstyle might do the trick for various occasions, if you want to add a little bit of drama, adding a little bit of volume is the way to go.


Jas Hair Ishoka
Angels Herberts


Although more time consuming than simpler hairstyles, these updos can easily provide the edginess you're craving for and are more appropriate for formal parties. If you choose an updo with lots of volume, thinking about the distribution of that volume is crucial in order to flatter your face shape. If you have a long face, for example, the best bet is to go for less volume or to try a side swept updo instead.

Another simple way to make an updo more interesting is by combining different textures. If achieving impressive hair volume proves a little difficult for you, then this idea can be your fallback option. Again, having the right tools at hand is mandatory, especially if you are in a hurry and you cannot afford to start over at the slightest mistake. Needless to say, your styling experience will also be an important factor that will influence the total styling time required to get the job done.


Herberts Andrew Hill
McIntyres Intercoiffure


Although sleek, straight tresses might provide more easiness when it comes to styling, if you want to embrace your natural curly or wavy texture, there's no reason not to do so. If you have naturally straight hair, opting for a curly updo can be the easiest way to mix things up and vary your look. There are so many curly styles to choose from that you should have no problem varying your look. From modern, loose curls to classy ringlet curls getting the desired look is easy if you know what styles best compliment your features and your personality.

There are a variety of ways in which even a simple hairstyle can be customized to stand out in style. Leaving a few loose strands to frame your face a little more, adding asymmetric touches to your hairstyle or adding a few well placed hair accessories are just a few simple tips you can use. Regardless of the option you plan on using, make sure that your hairstyle choices match the rest of your outfit in order to avoid any embarrassing faux pas.


Racoon Intl Mack
Balmain Farouk


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