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Are Coach KRISTIN LEATHER SATCHEL helpful? Or they are just one of girls' apparels that are more of an accessory than a necessity. Some really finds wristlets pretty useless. For them, the lack of card inserts and inner compartments makes things inside disorganized. But for many, they find wristlets really helpful for everyday living. Here are some reasons why some girls cannot live without a wristlet in their handbag.


Wristlets have various sizes. Some of them measures as small as a coin purse. Some women prefer coin purse that are bigger than the ideals size for it. It gives them more room for some crumpled bills and papers. It offers a place to put their smaller articles without the fear that they will get lost in the bag.


One reason why people use a Coach wristlet is that it doesn't expose their wallets to thieves when they are out in the market, especially when they are on the streets on an unknown place. A wristlet isn't too flashy to allure a thief's attention to it. Digging into a full size wallet when you are shopping is like exposing a gold bar to goons. That is why on the bus, on the street market and even during shopping, girls prefer to dig in to a purse that is safe to bring out in the open.


Well, one advantage of wristlets is that you can use it without bringing anything else. You can bring it to casual gatherings or small errands. If you think you are going to a place that doesn't ask you to bring anything but wallet and maybe, a phone. A wristlet is a perfect purse to fit those two.


These are just few reasons why some girls find wristlets more than a fashion accessory. They need it and they use it every day. It is one of the must-have items in their Coach Handbags. Thus, make your everyday living easier with a convenient wristlet at hand.

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