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Today our ghd blog will share one of the ageless hair trends that comes in its versatile models for the next season. These gorgeous Bob hair styles 2011 will spare your locks from the dull and worn-out look. Spot the right design and ask for it at your favorite hair salon. For short hair styling, we strongly recomend that you can choose our ghd iv mini styler to style. With the narrow plates, This ghd mini hair straightener is perfect for creating tight curls, flicks & waves for short hair . The unique ceramic technology heats up to its maximum temperature in seconds and can generate infrared ray and negative ion which locks in moisture, natural oils, and hair color for total hair protection .It is even easier to create curls, twists, flicks, and waves for shorter funkier hair styles.

Now let's continue talking about bob hairstyles.The new revolution of Bob hair styles is indeed obvious as pro hair stylist might not get enough of upgrading it with the various and ever changing hair dressing techniques. Those who are fond of the cutting edge looks and wish to dress up their look with some of the widely-known still unique hair designs will have the privilege to take a peek at the gorgeous Bob hairstyles for 2011. These besides preserving the high class look of the old time favorite Bob would also come with a few inventions and new effects. These are some of the medium and short hair styles to keep an eye on for the next season.

Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Royston Blythe Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Indigo Rye
Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Mark Leeson Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Mark Leeson

There's no need to close yourself into your shell and sport the same hairdo years and years in a row. Instead why not perk things up a bit and surprise yourself and your friend and family with your brand new and voguish look. Bob hair styles are perfect to challenge your hair styling skills and get rid of the moth-eaten look of your old self.Drop a glimpse at these fashionable haircuts that suit all face shapes and hair types from wavy to super-sleek. Take advantage of the endless hair styling options these stylish layered and angled Bob hair styles offer you.The GHD mini styler is really cutting edge and this is is obvious from the moment you take them out of their gorgeous box! The ideal styling tool is designed for urban angels with short hair, men's hair and fringes.

Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Oscar Cullinan Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Clipso
Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Mark Leeson Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Oscar Cullinan

Layering is one of the mostly praised and used techniques to break with the old tradition of uniformly trimmed Bob hair styles. The shorter sections in the back as well as the complementary bangs designs are all some of the chief elements of this A-list do. Hair stylist will be more than glad to grant you with a similar versatile and new season haircut. All you have to do is define the measure of graduation as well as decide whether you wish to sport an additional bangs style or would skip it this time.

Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Contemporary Salon Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Oscar Cullinan
Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Natalie Nairn Bob Hair Styles 2011 by Natalie Nairn

Bob hair styles are no longer the perfectly polished and super-neat looks you've known from the past. These can also adopt a more out-of-the-ordinary shape. These asymmetrical Bob hair styles are perfect if you have a fall for alternative looks and would like to have more options to style your do. Heavy layered Bob hair styles paired with the must have bangs as well as choppy locks would serve as the perfect solution to flaunt your remarkable and unique do.

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