Create Cheryl Cole`s Voluminous Bombshell Hair

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Plus, all the tricks you need to re-create Cheryl Cole's signature sexy, luscious mane.Today our ghd straightener blog will share you how to create Cheryl Cole`s Voluminous Bombshell Hair.


Voluminous Bombshell Hair


The insanely gorgeous Cheryl Cole may be a fashion chameleon who keeps up with the ever-changing "It" trends on the runways, but when it comes to her tresses, the singer stays loyal to her signature bombshell-worthy voluminous mane.

Frankly, who could blame her? Thick, luscious hair was, is, and always will be, the epitome of womanly, sexy appeal. Forget stringy schoolgirl-ish hair, if you love Cole's glamorous, sensual style, full-on volume is the way to go.


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Not born with it? Fake serious volume with these tricks:


1. Prep work

The right ghd styling products will go a long way to help create the kind of fullness you see on Cole -- prep towel-dried hair with a volumizer before you style.

2. Blow-dry for volume

Blow-drying can give your hair luscious body and movement -- the trick is in the technique. For extra volume, hairstylists recommend these tips:

  • Let gravity help you out! Tilt your head upside-down while you're blow-drying, until about 75 percent dry.

  • Blow-dry with root lift -- this means using a large round brush to lift the roots as you dry.


3. Change your part


Flat bangs? A change of your part can instantly add volume. Flip the part to the side opposite of how you usually wear it, and blow-dry. Or try making haphazard zig-zag parts in your hair to coax volume.


4. Tease the crown

A little backcombing at the crown adds height and volume on top. Use a small comb to tease the section under the crown and smooth the top layer over.

5. Extra helpers


Want va-va-vroom volume but hate those sticky ghd styling products? Try a matte volumizing hair powder. Just pour a tiny amount onto your hands (a little goes a long way!) and scrunge it in your hair where you need volume.


6. Go faux


Don't have enough hair to pull off this look? Hair extensions will give you the added thickness to work with.


National Television Awards - Outside Arrivals


What are your thoughts about Cheryl Cole's Voluminous Bombshell hairstyle?Would you like to have a try? Share your views with in comment box below and also don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more latest hairstyles trend.And if you want to buy new ghd spring 2011, come to ghd hair sales co uk! You can get ghd best selling styler here with big discounts.Now the ghd best selling ghd purple is just £72.73 with fast and free delivery! And there are many other new ghd stylers available for you:ghd purple indulgence spring 2010,red ghds,blue ghds and green ghds.


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