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GHD Purple Hair Straightener Gift Set

ghd Purple certainly catches your eyes when new for 2008 Christmas. The unqiue GHD purple hair straighteners have a very on-trend paisley pattern design and a high glossy finish. Along with the purple hair straightener, there are also a purple travel bag, a purple hair dryer and purple sectioning clips. All these are been presented in a ghd purple Chrismas gift set.

ghd blog will share how to use ghd purple straighteners to create Fall/winter 2010-2011 hairstyles.

Fall/winter 2010-2011 hairstyle trends are the perfect reflection of a childish, yet feminine and sophisticated woman. From ponytails and buns, to wild, extra-voluminous hairstyles, all the possibilities to style our hair have been carefully rethought for the new season.

Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Hairstyle Trends

Very trendy for fall/winter 2010-2011 in matters of hairstyles we can mention the versatile ponytail, the chignon, volume into hair, and different versions of the side braid, the top knot, and the wavy hairstyle.


Ponytails are back in a big way for fall/winter 2010-2011, proving once again their versatility and timeless character. The ponytail was the star on the catwalks appearing in so many styles and shapes. You can go for the simplest ever ponytail as seen at Jil Sander, Thierry Mugler, or Dsquared2. For a more glamorous and ladylike look draw your inspiration from the Louis Vuitton show. A very easy and quick to make version could be spotted at Isabel Marant as the medium-height pony with a chic touch given by the blonde hair color. At Stella McCartney models presented lower ponytails with slicked side parting.

In some cases, such as at Céline or Calvin Klein, the ponytail has a more elegant and severe touch. Another interesting and special approach was the XXL ponytail showcased at Miu Miu in a glossy, super-silky version, or at Viktor & Rolf in a backcombed style. The pony is a smart choice when it comes to choosing a comfortable and stylish hairstyle as it offers a childish, yet sexy look to the one wearing it. However, you should keep in mind that a pony will always reveal all your flaws. Therefore, it is advisable to chose the right ponytail style for you.

Jil Sander
Louis Vuitton Calvin Klein


The chic, classic bun is also a hot trend for fall/winter 2010-2011, coming in so many styles, from romantic to flirty everything is possible this season. There is a myriad of versions where to choose from, whether you are looking for something more sober, or on the contrary, you want a more messy, yet romantic hairstyle. Therefore, for a more severe and elegant appearance try the chignon, positioned low, at the nape of the neck, as seen at MaxMara, Missoni, or Loewe.

For something more romantic, a messier version of the chignon with loose locks framing your face is the perfect choice. Draw your inspiration from the Elie Saab or the Dolce&Gabbana runway shows. To keep it more chic, choose an elegant bun such as the one seen at Yves Saint Laurent and Prada. In other cases, like at Fendi or Barbara Bui, the bun gains a rock'n'roll touch.

Dolce&Gabbana Missoni
Fendi Yves Saint Laurent

Backcombing your hair is a quick and easy method that allows you to make a stylish hairstyle in no time, and you can even apply it if you have a ponytail or a chignon. This helpful technique could also be spotted on the catwalks for fall/winter 2010-2011 hairstyle trends. You can go for a backcombed hairstyle if you want to sweeten your facial features, especially if you have a long and thick hair.For long and thick hair, you can choose ghd iv salon styler to create any hairstyles you like. With the widest plates of all our stylers the GHD salon styler is ideal for controlling longer, thicker hair or creating bigger, softer curls.

You can try a retro look as seen at Rochas and Paul&Joe, or an extra-volume hairstyle as seen at Nina Ricci or Cavalli. You can also mix some of the hottest hairstyle trends, such as a ponytail and voluminous, backcombed hair as spotted at Michael Kors, or, for more special events, go for a chignon as seen at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, or Christian Dior.

Nina Ricci Cavalli
Chanel Karl Lagerfeld

There are also some hairstyle trends that were also very popular during the spring/summer season. However, for fall/winter 2010-2011, we can talk about different versions of these hairstyles, such as the side braid, messy and set behind the ear as seen at Christian Dior, or the top knot, which is lead to the extremes with a super-high version spotted at Ruffian. The tousled, messy hair with smooth waves is another trend for the cold season that was noticed at Paul&Joe, Pucci, and Phillip Lim. However, you should choose right hair styling tools which will give your hair more care. The ghd iv series are ideal for you to create any hairstyles you like since ceramic-coated aluminum plates help seal the cuticle and create shine while locking in hair's natural moisture, preventing atmospheric moisture from re-penetrating hair. This series includes ghd iv styler for all hair types, ghd iv salon styler for long and thick hair, and ghd iv mini styler for short hair and men's hair.

Christian Dior Ruffian
Emilio Pucci Paul&Joe


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