Do you know diet rules are not laws for losing weight?

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Losing weight usually involves sticking to a well-thought-out weight loss plan and physical activity schedule.Many plans that are published in books and journals were carefully constructed and planned by nutritionists,and require dieters to follow their guidelines and dieting principles as if they were made by the state itself.Many of them feel that failure to comply with even just one rule would mean that you were breaking the whole diet itself, and you would become fat and unhealthy.


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Many people should come to realize that the purpose of diet plans is for one to live both healthier and happier.Many people just emphasize the healthier part and leave their happiness out.Will eating three carrot sticks for lunch every day for the rest of your life make you healthy and happy at the same time? Sometimes,in the pursuit of health and beauty,we tend to overlook the objective of why we try to attain those standards in the first place.


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The whole point of following weight loss plans is so that you live a healthy and long life.However, if dieting makes you unhappy with yourself,you should take a step back and reexamine your goals and the diet plans that you're trying to follow.


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Try to adjust it to your needs and limitations.Is that prescribed one hour of exercise just too much for you?Maybe you can do a half hour instead.Just can't avoid eating dessert?Then get two cookies or low-fat ice cream.Many diet rules aren't strict laws; they can be broken and adjusted to fit the individual.


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For instance,many diet plans state that all meals should be portion-controlled.This is diet rule can be bent for certain food choices like non-starchy vegetables,and can even be broken for many food items so as long as you maintain a daily exercise routine.As long as you burn the food you're taking in,you should be fine.


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Remember,diet plans are meant to make you live a healthy life,not a miserable one.For the best help in choosing a plan,go to a nutritionist or a professional dietician.He will advise you on the right plan to follow based on your body type and medical history,and tell you which activities you can take part in,food you can eat,and even the diet pills you can take.Most importantly, when picking diet plans for yourself,judge whether it's one that you can live by and one that you would be happy to follow.


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