Do you know the bikini secrets among Brooklyn,Audrina,and Cameron?

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Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio,Sports Illustrated hottie Brooklyn Decker and the most popular plus-size model Crystal Renn will share the cover of Glamour's June issue!And we can't know for sure if they're gonna lack clothes in the final photo,but the 3 beauties posed together in St.Barths this week wearing nothing but bikinis!

Summer is in full swing!If you're like me,you've already been to a beach,river,or lake for some outdoor water fun.Even though a lot of you said you've been working hard to get in shape for bikini season,many of you are still worried about wearing a two-piece.Stars Brooklyn Decker,Audrina Patridge,and Cameron Diaz recently shared with Life and Style their secrets for getting bikini-ready-even at the last minute.

Glamour Magazine promised last year (after the overwhelming response they got for including naked Lizzie Miller's tummy in the magazine) to feature women of different shapes and sizes-and it looks like they're doing a pretty good job.Unlike Love's Magazine (failed) initiative to feature models of different sizes,these 3 girls right here are actually different.

Brooklyn Decker Sports Illustrated Cover

Brooklyn Decker focuses on toning-especially by doing ab exercises.She also eats a diet high in lean protein and healthy fats,which include Greek yogurt and nuts.But when shooting the Sports Illustrated cover,she was encouraged to eat whatever she wanted:"Sports Illustrated is never about losing weight.They encourage girls to eat cheeseburgers the night before a shoot because they love girls who are a little bit curvier."

Audrina Patridge Shares Her Bikini Body Tips audrina patridge

Audrina Patridge keeps her diet as clean as possible during beach season.She cuts down on carbs, sticking to lean proteins and leafy greens."I also love shots of wheat grass...When I want to kick it up a notch,I get Sunfare meals delivered."Sunfare delivers already cooked meals to your door based on a "30/40/30"formula.All meals and snacks are comprised of 30 percent lean proteins;40 percent whole wheat,low-carb or fresh,low-glycemic carbohydrates; and 30 percent monounsaturated fat.

A few days ago,Brooklyn Decker talked about looking good in a bikini (with the help of cheeseburgers) and Life & Style Magazine got another celebrity to share some of her Beach Body tips-Let's see what Audrina does to look this good:

Before bikini season hits,Audrina Patridge gets her body beach ready by drinking lots of water,eating lean protein,green leafy veggies and less carbs."I also love shots of wheat grass," The Hill's star tells Life & Style,which is believed to detox the body."When I want to kick it up a notch,I get Sunfare meals delivered."

Bikini Body Battle! Audrina Patridge Versus Mischa Barton audrina patridge

Cameron Diaz works out with trainer Teddy Bass to stay lean and toned.Teddy told Life & Style that the trick to looking like Cameron is "doing combination exercises that blast multiple muscles at once,like squats with shoulder presses."Check out this arm workout that Teddy designed for Cameron.

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