Five Must-have Items Keep You Toasty All The Winter

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Winter is back and this year it feels even more frigid than the winters of our past. Unfortunately, most people don't have the luxury of being able to spend the day lolling by the fire. If you want to support your family, you have to work, even if that means braving an arctic blast. And even when the temperature drops, you still want to spend time with your friends. Whether you're heading in to work or visiting the neighbors, it's essential that you're properly protected from the winter chills.Not to worry, though: these five must-have items will keep you toasty all through our Northern winter! As always, expect to invest a bit more in quality pieces–I promise they’re worth it!

1.Thermal Shirts

Thermal wears are a common set of clothing used in winters to safeguard the body from chilling winters. It is a thin layer of insulating fabric that locks in the body heat and keeps the body warm and cozy against cold. Of course, thermal shirts are also warm, just like the name implies. So, yes, they are desirable in any colder than usual environment, but they are also good to have in any environment. While they can be used to cut down an arctic chill, one is also great just for snuggling up in around the house.Pick up a few solid thermals, one with embellishments, and one with a girly print and you’re all set for the season. Make sure to add cute accessories to keep your outfit from looking too utilitarian!

2.Down clothing

Being ideal choices for cold, dry weather, down jackets and other types of down outerwear face little competition given the numerous benefits that they offer.In addition to warmth, there are many other benefits that this material offers. As birds must be very light to fly, down too is very light in weight, making very large jackets weigh much less than what one would imagine. Furthermore, it can compress superbly, enabling you to roll a jacket or stuff it in a small place with ease. Given these benefits, down is the preferred choice for filler in winter season clothing. If you find down jackets too unwieldy, try a down vest! Vests are great for layering with long shirts, or even over other jackets for particularly freezing days.

3.Wool items

Wool items, such as a good coat, jackets,skirts,socks or scarves,will keep you feeling toasty warm during the harshest winter, and yet are extremely easy to care of. With just a little effort on your part, your woolens can look as good as new for many long years. Wool can be worn by the youngest child to the oldest grandmother and still look sharp, and for those who like to sew their own clothes, wool is a very easy fabric to work with.

An exciting alternative to wool is velvet, which is very popular with fashion designers when it comes to making their winter fashion line. Velvet can be used in almost any piece of clothing, from muffs to sweaters and leggings to coats. Velvet has an unmistakable feel due to the unique way in which it is made - it is a soft pile fabric with a very high thread count. Many people prefer velvet because of its rich appearance and soft texture.For Moncler Scarf & Hats

4.Winter boots

Winter boots

Winter may give off a freezing effect to other individuals especially those who hate the cold season. On one hand, for some fashion loving women, winter spells of mod and chic women's boots. Winter boots for women come in various styles, types, and colors to suit the varying needs and preferences of all women worldwide. They usually come as flat, ankle high, knee high, and thigh high. Also they come in different types to excel in different purpose namely casual boots, fur winter boots, insulate boots, wide calf boots, winter lace up boots, winter riding boots, winter pac boots, and over the knee winter boots. Such differing boot types are made available due to the different usage of boots among women.For Moncler Women's Nible Quilted Tall Boots.



Leggings burst back onto the fashion scene with the return of all things 80's, and now they're so popular it's hard to imagine they'll ever go away again. It's not every day you find an item of clothing that lets you show off the shape of your legs whilst providing total coverage and being totally comfy to wear!

On a really cold day, leggings function as totally cute long underwear that you can wear under your favorite jeans or pants. They work especially well under baggier/boyfriend-fit styles, and will help keep you toasty even if you’re wearing a destroyed pair.

When buying leggings to wear under pants, it’s a good idea to purchase the longest styles available in order to eliminate any annoying gaps of uncovered skin! Stirrup and ankle-length leggings are great choices for colder months!

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