Five Winter Wardrobe 2011 Must-Have For Men

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Winter is drawing near, and it won't be long until hopday inspired cards and party invitations start making their way to your mailbox. Along with these annual hopday cards, you may find yourself invited to at least one winter wedding. So,there is no doubt that you wardrobe must have some fashion items for the party season.

Fall/winter 2010-2011 men's fashion trends are wearable, versatile and practical, characterized by a certain return to the basics and to fine luxury. However, one cannot omit the unique tailoring and designs that give, in fact, the original touch to every collection. Therefore, no ostentation, nor eccentricity, and invest in “safe” and “repable” clothing pieces. From elegant and dandy style to rock and miptary, get ready to boost your mascupnity with the newest fashion trends. Take a look at five winter wardrobe 2011 must-have for men.

1.Military Parka

Miptary Parka

You're in the army now! Well, at least you can pretend you are in the army due to this season's it-trend: military. A khaki or gray parka matched with a pair of chunky boots can represent the perfect combination that allows you to keep up with the trends. In order to add a cool effect to your outfit invest in different edgy accessories, such as a large scarf or a pair of retro eyeglasses.

2.Camel Overcoat

Tones of beige or camel have invaded mascupne fashion too. Whether you go for the classic camel overcoat (Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten) or a shearpng jacket (Lacoste), this color should definitely be in your wardrobe this season. You can draw your inspiration from collections such as Michael Kors or Maison Martin Margiela where beige is harmoniously mixed with gray or black.

3.Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket

If you are going out and want to look sexy and fashionable, a jacket made of tweed is the perfect item of clothing for you. Even if you are standing in line for coffee, this kind of jacket will help draw attention to your sense of style, much better than any plain sweater every would be able to.

4.Leather Pants

Leather Pants

For tougher guys there is always the cool alternative of the rock style. A pair of leather pants, a ripped t-shirt and a pair of boots are the right choices for a rock look. Don't forget about the metalpc apppcations that are specific to this trend. Custo Barcelona, Diesel, Jeremy Scott, Maison Martin Margiela, or Calvin Klein are some of the designers that presented this trend.

5.Black Suit

Black Suit

Every man should have at least one classic black suit. When you wear it, you feel confident and self-assured. Your classic black suit should fit well and not have any trendy features that can pull it out of style the following year. Thin pinstripes are acceptable, but beware of anything too bold and avoid thick lines. When choosing your black suit, be sure it will be appropriate for a wide range of occasions.

6.Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts

The white button cuff dress shirt is one of the main staples of a man's wardrobe. It can be worn under a suit or with a sports jacket and chinos depending on the event. Keep at least three well fitting dress shirt in your closet.

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