Get 2011 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Prom Party With ghd

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Get 2011 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Prom Party With ghd stylers.

Prom!! This four letter word urges every girl to think about the most perfect and mesmerizing look to be rocked at the Prom Night. Every girl wants to look her best at the prom party and a mesmerizing prom hairstyle can do half of the work.

Along with prom dress, makeup and accessories, prom hairstyle should also be chosen with precision as it can make or break a look. If you are the proud owner of long hair, then this prom, there are variety of Long Hairstyles options for you.

Long Hair always remains in trend and can be styled in many ways. But for prom party, it is important to choose a style that doesn’t make you look mature and has a girly touch.

When it come to choosing a hair style, best way is to look at what the Hollywood celebrities are flaunting nowadays. Celebrity inspired hairstyle can surely, make anyone the belle of the ball if sported with right attitude.

Here are some interesting celebrity inspired Long Hairstyles that are apt for achieving a girly as well as elegant look at Prom night.

Top 5 Long Hairstyles for Prom Party

2011 prom ponytail


Ponytails are sported by celebs and fashionistas around the world as it is easiest way to style your hair in no time. For an eye-catching look, go for a low side ponytail that looks girly and flirty.

Make it more interesting by wrapping the base of ponytail with pieces of hair. A stunning ponytail is apt to set you apart from the crowd at prom this year. For long hair, it makes best prom hair option, when paired with the right dress and accessories.

2011 prom long curls

Long Curls

For a stunning celebrity inspired long hairstyle, go for a long curls that can spice up any look. Long curls spice up any look magically.

2011 prom long hair

Long Straight Cut

For a more casual look, a Long Straight Cut can also be tried out which is easy to manage and is stylish at the same time. Center partings are back in fashion so go for center part straight cut that will make you rock at the 2011 prom.

2011 prom bang hair

Long Curls with Bangs

Bangs are apt to achieve a trendy look. For long hair, styling hair in tousled curls with wispy bangs is a stylish option. It will totally change the way your hair looks, without overdoing it.

2011 prom braided hairstyle

Long Braided Hairstyle

Braids are so ‘in‘ for 2011 prom. There are variety of options like simple English braids, herringbone braids, mini French braids, milkmaid braid and many more.

For a chic look, try out the long braided hairstyleby going for a simple side braid on either side and leaving rest of hair open. Accessorizing it with chic hair pieces can add to the look.

If your hair does not have that much length, hair extensions can be clipped. Just choose the perfect hairstyle, go to a good stylist to style your hair and you are all set to shine at your prom night.So what are your thoughts about 2011 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Prom Party? Rocking or Shocking?Share your thoughts with in comment box below and also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more.

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