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On 5 May 2010, Therese Rawsthorne showed her latest collection at this year's Rosemount Australian Fashion Festival (RAFW).Therese was one of seven innovative designer labels being supported by Woolmark that took to the runway at this year's RAFW. So today our cheap ghd blog will you how to re-create the double-tied knot ponytail with ghd purple hair straightener gift set as seen on the Therese Rawsthorne runway at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Double Tied Knot Ponytail

The look: "We kept the classic feel of the collection with a streamlined ponytail, but brought a modern edge and also an old-world feel by creating a double tied knot," says Jon Pullitano, ghd hair director for Therese Rawsthorne. "The texture created in the hair was a dust matt texture with a raw fluffy finish."

How To Get The Look

1. Apply ghd uplift spray followed by ghd maximise mousse from roots through to the ends of dry hair. Follow with a blast of the blow drier to give it a raw feel.
2. Once dry, tie the hair back into a low ponytail and put in a double fold at the top of the ponytail to create a knot-like finish. This will add a dimension and changing the angle of how the ponytail sits.
3. Next, texture set the ponytail by back combing and setting with the ghd purple hair straightener .If you are good at styling at home, you can choose ghd purple gift set,New for 2008 Christmas, the purple ghd Christmas gift set certainly catches your eyes. The purple ghd sets are still the best-seller for 2010.
4. Brush through your lengths with a paddle brush and apply more ghd uplift spray on the ponytail to give it a loose texture.
5. Finish with ghd ultimate hairspray and texture spray to give an ethereal feel to a modern look.

Now take a peek at double-tied knot ponytail look at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Double Tied Knot Ponytail

Double Tied Knot Ponytail

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