Get Flat French Roll Look At Willow With ghd Purple

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<p>Watch video from the outdoor presentation of <strong>Willow</strong>'s &quot;Creatures&quot;   collection and find out how she reflected the avian influences in the   range; Romance Was Born's whimsical underwater fantasy; and Lisa Ho's   '70s girl. And today our <a href="">ghd straighteners</a> blog will you how to re-create the <strong>flat French roll</strong> from Willow's presentation at <strong>Rosemount Australian Fashion Week</strong> with new <a href="">ghd purple indulgence</a>.</p>
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<p><strong></strong> "I wanted to make the look a little bit more modern, a bit more   now. It's not <strong>crazy hair</strong>. It's beautiful and very wearable as well,"   says Renya Xydis ,<a href="">ghd</a> hair director for Willow.</p>
<h4>How To Get The Look </h4>
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<p>1. Create a raw texture through your hair by first applying <strong>ghd fat hair lotion</strong> and <strong>ghd sea spray</strong> to hair, the dry with a <a href="">ghd blow dryer</a>.<br>
  2.   From the front hairline above the end of the left eyebrow, section hair   diagonally from front to the right side of nape. Clip right side away.<br>
3. Using the <a href="">ghd purple indulgence</a>,   and taking small, random sections, smooth hair to control any fluff or   frizz. Repeat this with the right section before again clipping away. This new 2010 <a href="">ghd limited edition color collection</a>-<a href="">purple ghd</a> will bring you an exotic feeling . This colour collection is designed for all hair-lengths. Come and choose your destiny !<br>
  4.   Take left section and create texture by twisting hair to the nape   hairline, securing it with an elastic band on the right side of the nape   (pictured).<br>
  5. Take the right section of hair and with your fingers,   direct hair naturally across the forehead and over the top of the right   ear towards the nape area.<br>
  6. Incorporate the ends of the <strong>ponytail</strong>   into this section and roll hair into a <strong>flat French roll</strong>, positioned on   the left side of the nape to conceal the band of the pony tail. Secure   roll with pins.<br>
7. Lightly mist style with <strong>ghd ultimate hairspray</strong> to control fly-aways while maintaining a natural, raw texture.</p>
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