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You might be thinking of getting a drastically new look in new year. Most times, this only entails a change in your everyday makeup, a new haircut, or a few touch-ups to your wardrobe. Let our ghd blog share how to make you fresh in 2011.What's really guaranteed to up your look's shock factor is getting a new hair color. If you've been a blonde all your life, turning brunette will turn heads. If you've never switched your brown hair color for any other shade, going a lot lighter will brighten up your appearance. But if you go with black hair, then that will definitely give you a whole new look.

lily cole dark hair

It was something I put into yesterday's look at how to pick a hair colour from 2011's hair trends without much fanfare, but given it is such a dramatic change for Lily Cole it seems only right to again highlight that the model recently ditched her normally red locks for something far darker.This dramatic long dark hairstyle can be easily created by yourself at home. When you highlight your hair, what you need to do is use a hair straightener to add some volume.We recommend the ghd dark styler for you create this hairstyles. Launched as part of the ghd dark or pure marketing campaign, the Glossy GHD IV Dark Stylers are certain to become one of the best selling ghd stylers ever!The ghd IV Dark Styler Limited Edition bacomes perfect with a DVD demonstration of the GHD  Styler functions that teaches you how to straighten, curl and style your hair the way your hairdresser does!

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While you're taking in Lily's dramatic hair colour change, also be sure to make a mental note of the fringe: we haven't touched on it heavily yet, but they're back for 2011.See Fringe / bangs are back for 2011.

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