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Curls are back for 2010.Boost bounce, add definition and fight frizz with our ghd guide to making the most of your waves.

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Proctor & Gamble's scientific communications manager for Pantene Pro-V,Jasmine Karsono says: "While your hair may be the envy of your friends, curls can be tricky to keep sleek and groomed, as they need more professhional care and attention than other hair types. Curly hair seems duller because of the way light is reflected on its surface. Hair cuticles, which contribute to shine, are perfectly aligned on straight hair, and the angle at which light is reflected is such that the hair looks shiny. In curly hair, the cuticles are not aligned and this 'scrambles' the reflected light in all directions, resulting in a dull effect." This misalignment also causes frizziness, which is an ongoing concern for curly types. As hair stylists advice, we should choose professional hair products for curly hair which can give your hair more care and make your hair shine.

GHD , better known as " Good Hairs Day " , is a global superbrand of hair products . Established in 2001, GHD is committed to developing the most effective and innovative products for the hair care industry . It has created different and beautiful hairstyles with ghd hair straighteners leading to wonderful results. People with big and curly hairstyles were considered in vogue at that time.

How to get your dream curls with ghd hair products:

Choose the right products

ghd iv styling set

The most important thing is to choose the right hair products. Thanks to savvy haircare and styling buys, you can achieve just the look you want from your coils. And you can forget that old-fashioned, crunchy mousse effect - the new breed is weightless yet hardworking. "Depending on your waves and whether you want to relax them or add shape, use a curl enhancer or straightening balm," recommends Dorning. "As a general rule, curls need moisture, so spray on a leave-in detangler or use a light fluid moisturiser first, then try a light-hold gel or mousse to provide the right balance of hold and moisture." In addition, the key tool is a professional curly iron. The ghd iv styling set is a simple but very practical. Within this limited edition ghd iv set you will find the legendary ghd IV styler, Thermal protector and mat roll, all the essential tools to create styling perfection. The ghd IV styler is all you'll ever need to create perfect curls, movement volume and straight hair thanks to its advanced technology and smart features.It is ideal for all hair types . The heating panels are painted with Ceramic Paste imported from Korea; it can generate infrared ray and negative ions which can protect and rehabilitate hair; the paint does not peel off after 40 thousand continuously straightening. Now come to buy at, you will save 70% with fast and free delivery.

Be Experimental

Just because your lengths are wavy doesn't mean they have to hang limply every day. In fact, curly hair is one of the best textures with which to create glamorous looks. "Styling curly hair into a sexy up-do is easy, as the curls lock together to create shape and texture," notes Di Biase. "Use bobby pins to hold hair in place and let a few hang loose for that Nicole Kidman look." Curly hair is very versatile as you can also blow-dry your curls smooth for a softer style with gorgeous, feminine volume. Or create a fabulous ponytail.

Bin your brush

Remember: perfect ringlets and grooming tools do not go hand in hand. "The most important thing for great curls is to gently towel-dry your hair and add an anti-frizz, curl-specific styling product straight after washing, before doing anything else - don't brush or comb or you'll get frizz, frizz and more frizz!" warns Caterina Di Biase, of Heading Out salons in Melbourne. "Comb through a conditioner [using a wide-toothed comb] in the shower, but don't do this excessively as it will separate your natural curl pattern too much, leading to fluffiness," adds Dale Dorning, celebrity hair and make-up artist. He suggests that, after showering, you pat - don't rub or comb - curly hair using a towel to cause minimal disruption to your kinks.

Dry with care

The best way to dry freshly washed coils is to twist each curl around your finger to create shape, then leave to air-dry. However, you can speed up the process by using a diffuser. "A diffuser attachment on your hairdryer spreads warm air, providing a more general drying effect than the usual direct nozzle," explains Di Biase. "You get more root lift, retain curl shape and avoid frizz." Worried about damaging your lengths? "As long as you dry your hair at a safe distance and not at an extremely high heat, diffusing your hair is as safe as regular blow-drying," adds Karsono.

Reawaken ringlets

Yes, it is possible to add extra spring to your waves the day after you've washed them. "Invest in a satin pillowcase," advises Dorning. "This works wonders as it doesn't create static, which can encourage frizz. Then, when you wake up, clip your hair up before showering and allow the steam to reactivate your curls. Afterwards, simply use a curling tong on any pieces that need definition, or just twist them around your finger." If they're still not behaving, try a little styling paste, warmed between your fingers, to add shape and control.

Maximise moisture

As with all hair textures, ringlets will benefit from regular at-home treatments. "Choose a product that's hydrating, rather than protein-based, as curly hair naturally contains a lot of protein," explains Dorning. And never be tempted to skip conditioner in search of more bounce. "It's important to condition hair well after each wash," adds Karsono. "Conditioners help smooth, prevent moisture loss, protect hair from breakage and damage, and provide shine." She suggests you select products specially formulated for curly hair. "Don't be afraid to use conditioners on curls - they'll make them look healthy and shiny."

Dream Curls

Invest in your cut

More than any other hair type, kinks know the power of a great cut. A carefully snipped style can mean the difference between an out-of-control mop and enviable coils. "Cutting curly hair is very different to straight - it needs to be shaped and cut into. It's definitely an art," explains Di Biase. "You need to find a stylist who is confident working with curly hair," agrees Dorning. "It's important to get a cut that supports your curls." The best way to find a stylist is to look out for women with perfectly coiffured ringlets - don't be shy to stop them in the street and find out who their stylist is. It's flattering for them, and useful for you.

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