Hot and Sexy Look of Kat Dennings Doing ‘Complex’

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After all this Chris Brown business, I felt like we could use a nice change of scenery, namely Kat Dennings’s awesome huge nerd-boobs. Here she is in the latest issue of Complex making me forget how much I cringed at every single one of her lines in the Thor trailer. Because when you think about it, her casting was somewhat genius. While the beefcake hero runs off with Natalie Portman, all the nerds like me can still imagine having a shot with the geeky, yet stacked friend. “Alright, Thor, you and Padme go fight all those bad guys while I’ll stay back here with what’s-her-face and help her study these jugs. I mean, wax these books. — I’m gonna look at her boobs.”

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Kat Dennings Complex

Kat Dennings Complex

Kat Dennings Complex

Kat Dennings Complex

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