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Sports shoes

In our daily life,Sports shoes are some of the most essential item of equipment you should purchase so it will be important you choose the proper pair.Everyone knows that each sport differs. Therefore, you should have footwear that suits your unique exercise. When you play one or more activity, get the exact facets of each and choose from there. Pay attention to little things like how many different ways you have to turn your base and for how long it is switched that way. Ask yourself if you will need to operate while in them or if you are staying pretty stationary. The tiniest bit of information about your game is vital since you have to know the design and style and cushion of the match which you are required.

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Football can put a lot of stress on the feet, especially when playing on hard surfaces such as AstroTurf. The boots can also put pressure on your feet, and it's not unusual for a footballer to develop corns, calluses or damaged, thickened and ingrown toenails. A good, well-fitting pair of boots is essential and there shouldn’t be any signs of pressure on the foot after a game or training session.

A dancer’s feet can experience a lot of wear and tear. Common foot problems include metatarsalgia (a painful condition affecting the metatarsal region of the foot), plantar fasciitis (heel pain), shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and calluses. Pain at the front of the foot is common because many dance movements involve landing on the front of the foot after a jump, and friction blisters can be caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Racquet sports
It’s important when playing racquet sports, such as tennis or squash, to choose shoes specifically designed for the purpose. These sports involve a lot of side-to-side movement and running shoes won’t offer the right stability. Racquet-sport shoes are heavier and stiffer than running shoes, as their toes are built for stop-and-go action. Comfort should be your number one priority and it’s important to replace your sports shoes frequently.

Running shoes are great for running, and only running. They’re very flexible, allowing the foot to bend and flex through each step, but they’re not suitable for sports such as tennis that involve sideways stepping.

It’s a good idea to get your running shoes properly fitted to suit your foot type. If they’re too small they can cause blisters and black toenails. There are many types of trainers on the market, so try to find a specialist retailer who will assess your foot and find the right shoe for you.

London Marathon Store manager Gary Malmström says it’s important to buy a shoe appropriate to your gait (that's how your foot reacts when you run). “All good specialist running shoe retailers will offer gait analysis in order to get you in the right type of running shoe,” he says.

Walking and hiking
Walking is a great way to start a fitness regime, while the more adventurous go for hiking. It's good for your heart and lungs but is a low-impact activity and so comes with less risk of injury.

The Ramblers Association offers the following advice on the best footwear for walking and hiking:

  • For short walks in urban areas or easy countryside, all you need is a good, comfortable pair of shoes that won’t cause blisters. Use tough shoes that are a good fit, with an arch support, a slightly elevated heel and ‘breathable’ uppers such as leather. Casual shoes or quality trainers with heavy soles will do.
  • If you go walking regularly, you could invest in a pair of proper walking shoes or some lightweight walking boots. These will give your feet and ankles proper support and will be waterproof. For highland walks over difficult terrain, good walking boots are essential.

Other sports

  • Cross-trainers are stiffer, provide more support for side-to-side movements, and can be used across a range of activities.
  • Sports shoes for court games such as basketball and netball give a combination of flexibility and sideways support.
  • Fitness shoes combine flexibility, support and cushioning to absorb impact and lessen shock to the feet. They’re ideal for aerobics.

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