How to create Abbey Lee's peroxide blonde at Fendi

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As a reminder of just how striking the long bob as a 2011 hair trend can be, I simply couldn't go past this shot of Abbey Lee Kershaw on the runway at Fendi SS11. The peroxide blonde, the red lips... a perfect combination. Would you like to get this perfect appearance? Today our ghd iv styler blog will teach you how to dye your hair blonde with peroxide.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Fendi SS11

Blonde hair can be achieved without the use of harsh bleach---hydrogen peroxide slowly and safely lightens hair until it becomes completely blonde. Color is maintained by spraying peroxide on portions of hair that have darkened. This dye method is safer and less expensive than bleaching kits, but does take more time to complete.

1.Wash and rinse the spray bottle thoroughly to remove any chemical residue. Other chemicals mixed with hydrogen peroxide can cause severe scalp irritation or hair damage to occur. Use only a new, clean spray bottle.

2.Fill the bottle with hydrogen peroxide, and spray all of the hair thoroughly.

3.Comb the hydrogen peroxide through the hair for best results. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes, and rinse with conditioner----do not use shampoo.

4.Continue this process for a week. If scalp irritation occurs, apply a lighter mist of hydrogen peroxide. Hair should gradually become blonde.

5.Ensure the blonde color is desirable, or continue the process until the desired color is achieved. Do not continue this method for more than 2 weeks.

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