Jillian Michaels tell her weight loss at LA Times

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Jillian Michaels has fired back at a scathing LA Times op-ed by an experienced personal trainer who critiques her education,her techniques and her claim that people can lose five pounds a week with her fitness DVDs.The author quotes several other personal trainers who take issue with her form on her new kettle bell DVD,calling it both difficult to follow and potentially dangerous.It's not a measured critique and gets pretty nasty and personal at times.

The article goes on to slam Michaels' claim that you can lose five pounds a week with her workout,and explains the many ways this is both unhealthy and unrealistic.

The trainer in that video,Jude Howe,says Michaels' technique is poor and relatively unsafe and discusses the technical reasons why you shouldn't do the workout the way she shows it.I've never worked out with kettle bells but they seem really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.These are very heavy weights you're swinging around and you have to maintain proper form in order to avoid hurting yourself.

In response to this article,Jillian says that of course she's well trained and keeps up with her continuing education classes.She also threatened to sue the LA Times for publishing that piece. She said it's"libel" and"defamation."Shame on the Los Angeles Times for saying I'm a fraud and not a trainer.

That article had a lot of very specific critiques of Michaels' form while teaching kettlebells and it wasn't about her lack of training in general,although it did take some cheap shots in that direction. Is she going to sue all the trainers who gave quotes saying she's doing it wrong? It seems like they're on to something.

She may not exactly be acting the part of a personal trainer and she's surely experienced in that field. If she doesn't know how to teach kettlebells properly she shouldn't be making DVDs with dangerous moves that could potentially injure people,is all.Michaels is currently facing several lawsuits over false claims on her dietary supplements,weight loss pills,and"detox" powders.

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