Lauren Graham shared her healthy secret on Health Magazine

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Lauren Graham,the American actress and now producer and she is known for keeping her body charming.Health Magazine gets of her for the covers of Health Magazine March 2011 issue."I've always thought my strengths were I'm smart,and I have a good sense of humor.I definitely struggle with feeling confident,"reveals Lauren to Health.Yet,she is learning to be more accepting and (even proud) of her girl-next-door beauty.

Lauren shares her love-your-life tricks in Health.The magazine's March cover girl says the key to happiness is finding balance and accepting imperfection as a part of her day.Surprisingly, the actress who has had great success playing cool,hip single TV moms,reveals she's struggled with her own body confidence issues.

Lauren's love of fitness helps to boost her feel-good spirits."I'm probably most healthy in exercise.I've always really liked being active.I do Spinning classes,I run,I have a trainer,I do Pilates with my sister Shade," states Lauren.

Forget any major makeup tricks,her biggest beauty secret is oh-so simple."I have a little mini tramp, and sometimes I'll just try to jump for 20 minutes.It gets your blood circulating and that always looks really pretty."

The Parenthood star is on the March 2011 cover of Health and inside shares her tips on keeping healthy,active,and happy."Just keep moving.Someone said this to me a long time ago. It's a Buddhist saying, I think: 'There is no wasted effort.

'"I've definitely spent a lot of time worrying about work,taking jobs when I maybe could have taken some time off-really pushing myself," reveals the "Parenthood" actress.Now,43,Lauren Graham is learning to slow down and take care of number one-herself! Or,at least that's the plan!

Here's what the 43-year-old Parenthood star had to share:

On feeling body confident: "Well, part of my job is pretending. And I've honestly never led with my looks. I've always thought my strengths were I'm smart, and I have a good sense of humor. I definitely struggle with feeling confident...I always still feel like I'm in high school: 'Did I wear the right thing? Do I look OK? Did I walk funny?'"

On what trend she's not into: "I'm not a Facebook or Twitter person. I still write letters and send invitations on actual stationary."

On which celeb inspires her the most: "Sandra Bullock.She looks really great and not fake.And I think she has dignity and has handled her public life really well."

On the first show she'll pick to watch off TiVo: "It's a TiVo toss-up between real estate shows and Mad Men. I also love Glee. I'm a geek for a TV musical, too!"

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