Mbt Shoes Give Your Feet Natural State Feel

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Masai Benefit Technology shoes (MBT) are marketed as the anti-shoe by the manufacturers as they are supposed to mimic barefoot walking. The claim that they mimic or simulate barefoot walking due to the rocker on the sole.

Nowadays, our bodies were not built by chance. This is not a flaw in our architecture. People simply are not meant to be walking on concrete all day. Our feet have evolved to function properly when they walk on soft surfaces like sand performance.

That's the idea behind MBT shoes. MBT sneakers wanted to produce a shoe that simulates the sensation of walking on soft ground enjoyable. Rather than putting pressure on the few points in your foot, ankle and leg, it spreads the weight across your whole foot.

Another advantage of this is what is called "natural instability." The idea behind the instability that is natural when walking on uneven ground, your body must compensate to recover again. Therefore walking in MBT shoes will not only feel good, it will also tone of many parts of your body.

MBT shoes are a great way to get fit and be able to stay healthy. Here are some examples of styles that MBT Shoes offers today.

MBT Mens Kisumu Sandal

Not every occasion is right for a sports shoe, though. Sometimes you need something even more cool and casual.

MBT Kisumu shoes for men were designed to make you feel like you are walking on sand, so it only makes sense that they would come out with a stylish and sensible sandal as well! Even if you are going to the beach, you are still going to have to walk across the parking lot to get there.

This particular sandal comes in all black and features two clasps. The clasp at the toe secures with Velcro and the one at the heel uses a snap buckle. These shoes are great for hanging around the backyard or attending a summertime barbecue.

MBT Womens Sport 2 Shoes

As was mentioned, one of the best advantages of MBT Shoes is that they help to sculpt your body just by living your daily life. This sporty offering from MBT takes that to the next level. It is perfect for a power-walk around the block or just as a casual shoe for the weekends.

This shoe will help alleviate tension in your muscles, which will cut down on a whole host of joint and back problems. After wearing them for a while, you will also notice a distinct improvement in your posture and gait. These shoes will have no problem keeping up with your active lifestyle.

MBT Womens Sirima Mary Jane Shoes

It seems like the older we get, the more shoes we accumulate. But it is all perfectly practical. We already mentioned shoes for exercise and for relaxing, but what about a shoe that is made for the workplace that will still keep your feet comfortable and healthy?

The Sirima Mary Jane is the perfect answer to that dilemma. It is designed in the classic Mary Jane style but with the added bonus of the extra comfortable and sensible MBT sole. You will be sashaying around the office like never before when your whole body is feeling great in this delightful piece of footwear.

MBT Mens Karani Shoes

Of course men need a sensible shoe for the workplace as well. Running around all day at the office can wear you out. You don’t need your shoes fighting against you as well.

With the MBT Karani, you can forget about your aching joints and just focus on doing the best job you can possibly do. This shoe is made out of black leather and it will look absolutely fabulous on you.

MBT Mens Tisa shoes

Sensible black dress shoes look great around the office, but not everyone wants to wear something so straight-laced. The unconventional will find that the Tisa fits right into their wardrobes.

This half boot-half shoe would look more at home in your alternative neighborhood coffee house than it would in the boardroom. In fact, this shoe is so sleek and modern, your friends will find it hard to believe how great it feels to wear!

The benefits of MBT Shoes go far beyond their glamorous styles. They are designed to work like the complete opposite of shoes. Sidewalks and streets are creations of man. Our bodies just weren’t made to be walking around on them all day.

MBT Shoes allow your feet to return to their natural state. Your whole body will feel better and you will be working out muscles that you probably never even knew you had. This is the way your body is supposed to operate. It is supposed to be healthy, active, and in good shape. Give it that opportunity by picking up a pair of MBT Shoes.

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