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If you love Moncler, you know:Moncler has worked with Bruce Weber for the past few years on their ad campaigns and for Fall 2011, Bruce Weber created a short film split up into a series of episodes. The film “Don’t Steal the Jacket” follows the story of children and a puppy – all Moncler-clad of course.

Acclaimed director and photographer Bruce Weber presented the premiere of his new film “Don’t Steal the Jacket” on Sunday in at the Teatro Litta, Corso Magenta 24 in Milan. It was an event that attracted the best of both fashion and film, with Anna Wintour, the Missoni family, Francesca Versace and a slew of top models filing in to congratulate the man behind the movie. For Moncler down jacket

This 24-minute film blurs boundaries between musicals, dreams, thrillers and adventures. From here the American artist and photographer draws inspiration to realize Moncler's multi-subject Fall-Winter 2011-2012 campaign, which is composed, with a dose of irony, of 19 posters. Each one different from the next, together they sketch out a pre-story to the film, anticipating its characters and atmosphere.

The project as a whole underlines Moncler’s attention to contemporary art in its most original forms and translates it into a unique operation: it’s the first time that Bruce Weber has realized an advertising campaign starting from a film.


Flowers that shoot out of water pistols. A little girl with a sweet tooth who adores her puppy. Her very tall brother with a heart of gold. And a tiny Pomeranian dog. These are the protagonists of a plot in perfect Bruce Weber style. Eclectic, entertaining, surprising. A mysterious tale where what counts is tenderness and the impulse behind the action of taking care of others, whether they be people, animals or nature itself. Always with a biting, playful touch. An engaging plot accompanied by an original soundtrack created by the American band Radical Something.
And among the actors is Moncler. Transversal Kid's Moncler Jackets, completely immersed in the atmosphere and the story, both in the film and in the posters. To underscore the creativity of a brand that once again encounters art and fuses with it. Together with Bruce Weber, in a relationship that has continued for five seasons.
For Moncler and the great photographer, already the director of cult movies like “Let’s Get Lost” on the life of Chet Baker, cinema is an authentic school of life besides being an extraordinary medium of expressiveness. “When I was a kid I grew up watching Italian films, and I’m truly grateful for those stories because they catapulted me from the small town where I lived to New York. ‘Don’t Steal the Jacket’ is meant as an ode to that first, fundamental journey,” said Bruce Weber.







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