Protect Hair With Thermal Protection While Using CHI Straighteners

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When you style your hair using CHI straighteners, you are exposing your hair strands to dryness and to extreme heat. Since using hair straighteners will subject your hair to very high temperatures, you are actually running the risk of burning it to a toast. So it is important that you should not attempt to use your CHI hot iron without applying some form of thermal protection to your hair.

For your own protection, you should use a thermal hair guard or thermoprotection solution. The most popularly used thermoprotection solution is the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, which is made by the same company that makes your CHI straightener.

The CHI 44 Iron Guard is essentially a liquid spray-on product that protects your strands from root to tips and from the inside to the outside. The weightless compound that it uses, together with the technologies in the CHI iron, will help keep the moisture in your hair locked in, thereby preventing it from damage when you style or finish your hair with a hot styling instrument.

The CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray is technically classified as toiletry or as a cosmetic application for use together with the CHI straightener. It is basically composed mostly (about 87% to 94%) of water. The active ingredients that gives the solution its potency are sodium polystyrene sulfonate (comprising about 6%) and SD Alcohol 40-B (comprising about 6%). These three ingredients are responsible for the protective shield that the product creates on your hair and keeps it safe from the high temperature of the CHI straightener.

Applying the CHI 44 Iron Guard is very easy. Simply part your hair into sections, then use the applicator spray to spread the liquid over your hair. Make sure that your hair is dry when using the product. Also, avoid spraying on too much of the solution, as it can leave your hair sticky or stiff if you use too much. Thereafter, you can start styling your hair.

So, try the CHI 44 Iron Guard next time you use your CHI straightener in order to avoid toasting your hair when styling it.

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