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Chi straightener

Chi straightener is a popular choice for straightening hair. Farouk CHI flat iron was the first to have ceramic plates, making it a bestseller. But today CHI flat irons any good or have they been eclipsed by other brands of irons?

You can still buy the original CHI ceramic flat iron. This is the cheapest model in the range of CHI and falls into the category of average prices for the irons. It comes with 1 "ceramic plates, heats in seconds and is still a very good tool for hair styling. But if you plan to buy CHI flat iron then you might be better to buy a Farouk CHI Turbo flat iron. CHI Turbo flat irons are available in 3 sizes plates, 0.75 ", 1" and 2 ". Choose which size is best for you depends on your hair type. In general, thinner or hair closest to the size of the plate. Conversely, if you have long hair or coarse, then you're better off using a larger plate. The company claims that the ceramic plates used in their flat iron is made from NASA tested ceramic - although I'm not sure what that really means. The following are the advantages and disadvantages Farouk CHI Turbo flat Iron

What's good for the CHI Turbo flat iron?

  • CHI flat irons come with a 10 foot swivel cord. This may seem a minor point, but many other irons are only 8 feet of rope - and all the cords are not rotating. Having this extra couple of feet can make use of the CHI flat iron really easy, especially when the arm behind to smooth the hair back.
  • CHI Turbo hair straightener comes with a pause circuit for safety.
  • CHI Turbo uses only 20-25 watts of electricity, reduce your bills and the planet.
  • CHI Turbo has one of the best times to warm up, it only takes a few seconds.
  • CHI flat irons are well-designed handles that are easy to grasp. They are also light.

What is bad for the CHI Turbo flat iron?

I have one major criticism of the CHI flat irons: do not use tourmaline plates. Many manufacturers are now on the infusion Tourmaline ceramic plates. ceramic plates emit negative ions, but Tourmaline emits 6 times more. Negative ions are important because they help close the cuticle to create smooth, silky hair and the hair's natural moisture. Negative ions dramatically reduce frizz.

Tourmaline is the next advanced technology in hair straightening. Why CHI has not used this material is hard to say. And, CHI irons dishes are not cheap, for the same price you can buy a flat iron tourmaline as a competitor T3 Tourmaline flat iron.

So, Farouk CHI flat iron any good? The answer is yes. CHI is a top rated flat iron with many excellent reviews from consumers and professionals. One last point: you can buy pink chi flat irons and Hairdryer Set assorted cases. For each game that is bought, CHI donates a portion of sales proceeds to support the effort to find a cure for breast cancer.

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