Sarah Chalke shares her workout and stay healthy secrets

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Sarah Chalke covers the March 2009 issue of Fitness Magazine where she reveals a couple of stay-slim secrets.Scrubs star is in great shape and I think it's pretty safe to hear what she has to say about training.She shares her exercise regime with readers in the March,2009 issue.




How does 'Scrubs' star Sarah Chalke maintain her svelte physique?She practices a high-intensity workout called Xflowsion,which combines martial arts,yoga, and power dance. "There's so much variety that an hour and 15 minutes just flies by and you never get bored," the comedic cutie tells Fitness magazine.


"It incorporates a lot of yoga,which improves your flexibility and your strength, and then you get to do boxing.That's my favorite part,because it's such a great release.I feel so much stronger now, and I definitely have lots of energy," she said.



When questioned about the crazy Hollywood lifestyle,Chalke takes the honest route: "There are definitely pressures in this business to look a certain way.I believe you have to try to find a happy medium and put your health first. I don't even own a scale, actually," says Chalke.



How does Scrubs star Sarah Chalke indulge in chocolate and pumpkin pie,yet still stay fit and healthy? In the March issue of FITNESS magazine, on sale February 10, she reveals the hot new that keeps her slim and toned.




In fact, she's so crazy about the routine that she actually looks forward to exercise sessions. "There's so much variety, I never get bored," Sarah says. "I feel stronger now,and I have lots more energy."



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