The best weight loss way for office lady

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Every summer,the weight loss topic became a hot topic during many women.Recently,the low-carbon weight loss is popular during office lady.It is understood that low-carbon weight loss has its unique advantages,is an economical and simple,basically you can do to lose weight anytime,anywhere.


Lily works in media,she would go to work every day to the office 20 minutes earlier.She basically does not take the elevator,always climb the stairs,she thought that climbing stairs is environmentally friendly,healthy,low-carbon,which is a good way.

District health care association health experts said,many people want to lose weight,but there are many people who get more and more fat.The main reason is we are lazy,every day,sit still,even from the first floor to second floor by elevator,want not gain weight is immune.To lose weight we should set for myself a rule,don’t use elevator under 5 floor.Climbing stairs for 10 minutes a day,5 kg a year,thin,and stair climbing will help increase the circulatory muscular fitness and bone density.

Of course you can ride a bike to work,replace the outdoor jogging treadmills,growing flowers in their own home.These are good low-carbon weight loss methods.Riding a bike can not only lose weight,but also to symmetrical.Because cycling is a sport needs a lot of oxygen,so it can strengthen the heart,while preventing high blood pressure,and sometimes more effective than drugs.

Replace outdoor jogging treadmills,in their own flower-growing grass are on the body is very dependent way to help weight loss.Note also eat less meat to lose weight,eat vegetarian,too carnivorous animal suffering,their health and environmental damage.Whether at home or go a la carte cooking,the more choices fungus,mushroom,seasonal vegetables,eat lavish meals,sea cucumber,abalone,etc.It can not only save money,but also health and weight loss.

Of course,nothing can be perfect, low-carbon weight loss has its taboosThe first low-carbon weight loss diet taboo refined starchy foods.Finishing off as rice and flour,as food in a refining process lose a lot of nutrients,only "empty calories ",so in addition to increased consumption of refined carbohydrates,fats,not much nutrition.The second taboo sugar.Most of the drinks and snacks are adding a lot of sugar,and often eat into the excess of sugar.

The third taboo with a lot of starchy vegetables.Mainly root vegetables,like potatoes,sweet potatoes,their high glycemic index.Fourth taboo fruit with high sugar content,like watermelon, bananas.Low-carbon weight loss: the staple food and sugar refuse to advocate eating more protein,beans and nuts,so that will not lose weight while lack of essential nutrients and the body of malnutrition.

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