The Incredibly Splurge-Worthy Madison Op Art Collection from Coach

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Graphic Op Art Handbag from Coach


Madison Graphic Op Art Sabrina Handbag from Coach, $358


Um, can you say drool?


As in, wading through puddles of warm saliva, drool?


I got an email announcing the new Madison Collection by Coach and knew it had to be a winner (isn't all Coach stuff?) And it is a winner. BUT...even better is the Graphic Op Art Collection within the Coach Madison Collection.


Check this out - so fun and funky. Graphic, but sleek as hell. The perfect mix of "Art Scene Meets Manhattan".


I am totally in love.


Sure, as with all Coach Bag stuff, the bags are a major splurge. But if you're splurging anyway, it might as well be on a bag as fabulous as this, no?


Can't afford the bag? Bring home the same vibe with this ponytail scarf, which retails for only $38 (maybe you'll even catch a sale!)


Coach Ponytail Scarf


Graphic Op Art Ponytail Scarf from Coach,What do you think of this line? Love it, like me? Or is it not worth your splurge? Let me know in the comments below...


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