The Must-Have Winter Items For A Warm Winter

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2011 winter stylers

With chilly days just around the corner, we are all eager to find out what we should add on our lust list for the colder months. However, there are a few 2011 winter stylers to keep in mind when making your wardrobe for the upcoming season. From retro and classic pieces to edgy prints and bold colors, let your imagination run free and have fun with your styling.

Canada Goose Women's CG55 Kensington Parka
Canada Goose Women's CG55 Kensington Parka

Winter Coats

Winter coats are the most fabulous pieces of women fashion clothes in a winter wardrobe of a lady!A winter coat means different things to different people. If you live in Florida, or any other of the lower states, a winter coat may simply mean a light jacket. For others in the northern climates, a winter coat means something that will keep you warm when it is 30 outside or even less. Here are a few tips on how to choose a winter coat that will be right for you.When it comes to winter coats for men, women, girls and boys, the importance of a warm winter coat should be of paramount concern for parents, kids, men and women alike. The thing about winter coats is that most of them just plain suck. Sure you can go to Wal-Mart and buy a winter coat for $100 but don't it expect it to be warm, don't expect it to fit well, and don't expect it to be stylish. But above style, it should fit well.

Women's Moncler Nible Quilted Red Tall Boots
Women's Moncler Nible Quilted Red Tall Boots

Winter Boots

Every season comes with its own eccentric shoe trends. For winter 2011, this part belongs to the high-heeled hiking boots that cause a lot of sensation. You can go for laced ones, made from leather or shearling, with different types of soles and heels, wedge or not, there are so many style available. It's up to you to choose those you think suit better to your personality and style. Even though at first sight you might think that these boots are for hiking, you should know that they work great for every occasion and they are really comfortable. For a cold winter day, think of matching your hiking boots with a pair of leggings or cigarette jean, a shirt, and a loose knitted sweater or pullover.

Women's Moncler White Grey Scarf & Hats

Winter Scarves And Hats

When winter comes, we all need extra protection against the cold outside. Therefore, gloves, hats, and scarves are the best investments one can make during the cold winter days. Finding the right winter scarf or shawl is probably one of the easiest things to do, as you always go for the color or combination of colors that suit you the most, and the fabric you think is the most cozy and soft. However, choosing the perfect winter hat is another story as things get a little complicated in this case. Now, you have to consider the fabric this one is made of, the color, different ways you can accessorize it, your face shape, but also your lifestyle and personal taste.

Women's Canada Goose Down Mitt
Women's Canada Goose Down Mitt

Winter Gloves

Grant yourself with an extra-helping hand this fall and winter and experiment with the stylish gloves trend that knows no limits when it comes of fabrics and designs. Vintage-inspired looks and don't forget about the chic Rock diva outfit essentials all can be easily complemented with these A-list accessories. Watch out for the Fall/Winter 2010 gloves style trends and choose the right length and color that boosts the glam of your appearance. Designers managed to tame our crave for gloves styles and came up with a wide array of long, ruffled, fur, leather as well as knit gloves in all shades and designs. All you have to do is to raid the store for the chic models.

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