The Top 5 Most Unique Players in NFL History

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NFL players

There have been countless wonderful players that have took part in the NFL Football Jerseys over the years.

A few NFL players which come to mind are: Joe Montana, Jim Brownish, Jerry Rice, Reggie White, etc.

However, this list stems to look for the many unique players in NFL history.

The criteria that I used for special are:

- unconventional characteristics

- uncommon NFL season as well as career records

: uncommon circumstances

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the list and you can leave suggestions as well as feedback in the comments section below.

**Note** I chose to ignore anything concerning unique personalities as a result of countless articles all over the place that already demonstrate that point.

1.Antonio Gates

Antonio Gates Jerseys

Tony Gonzalez, Julius Peppers and Terrell Owens are examples of NFL players who also played basketball in college.

However, what makes Antonio Gates Jerseys unique is that he never played football in college.

In fact, he played basketball at Kent State and averaged 16 points per game in his junior year and 20.6 points his senior year.

Despite not playing college football, he is now in the debate among the best TEs to ever play the game.


Some Accomplishments:

seven-time Pro Bowler

five-time All-Pro

NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

2.Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie

Everything about Doug Flutie screams unique. Throughout his career, he went to the USFL out of college for a year and then to the NFL for a couple of years. After that, he went to the CFL for four years and starred and returned back to the NFL and even went to a Pro Bowl.

In addition, he is listed at 5'10" but is rumored to be shorter, which is unreal for a QB in this modern day of the NFL jerseys.

However, despite his extraordinary career path, he is on this list for something else.

On January 1st, 2006 against the Miami Dolphins, Doug Flutie of the New England Patriots successfully kicked a drop kick for an extra point.

Before that, the last time that a drop kick was successful in the NFL was in 1941!

3.Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews III is a part of the second family in NFL history with three generations to play in the NFL.

The big difference between Jim Pyne and Clay Matthews is that Clay Matthews Jerseys has three generations...of the same name! 

Clay Matthews Sr. -  four-year veteran of the San Francisco 49ers(1950, 1953-55)

Clay Matthews Jr. - 19-year veteran for the Cleveland Browns (1978-93) and Atlanta Falcons (1994-96) 

Clay Matthews III - Dominant pass-rushing linebacker on the Green Bay Packers (2009-present)

In fact, the NFL practically runs through the family... try to keep up if you can.

Clay Matthews Jr.'s brother is Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews.

Bruce Matthews's son is Kevin Matthews, offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans (2010-present).

Clay Matthews III's brother is Casey Matthews, a fourth-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft to the Eagles.

4.Haloti Ngata

Haloti Ngata

Haloti Ngata Jerseys is one of the best defensive tackles that we have ever seen in the NFL.

However, it is becoming more commonplace in the NFL to have a DT around the size of 6'4" and 330 lbs.

Therefore, what makes Ngata unique is his speed, quickness and versatility for his size. In fact, according to ESPN Jeffrey Chadiha's article on his life, his versatility was clearly shown in his second season.

He was utilized by Rex Ryan as a linebacker and a safety at least 10-12 plays each game. 

For proof of this analysis, here is the article that I'm referring to:

5.Brett Favre

Brett Favre holds so many records that it is hard to count them by now. Among them are:

- 3 straight MVPs

- Most consecutive game streak at 297 by a non-kicker

- Most passing yards 

- Most Passing TDs

- Most Interceptions


However, what makes him unique is that he arguably holds the record for most retirements by an NFL player at three.

In addition, he is also the first and only QB in NFL history to defeat all 32 teams in the NFL. 

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are second all-time on the list by beating 31 teams (Can you guess the one team each of them have not beaten?)

**Addition courtesy of David Olsen

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