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CHI wet to dry

Just when you thought that the best flat irons with the most cutting edge technology is the last that you can get, then comes the new additions of the Wet-To-Dry Flat Irons. Although still new, these flat irons have sky rocketed with popularity, due to ease of use and time saved during the hair styling routines. There are several advantages with Wet To Dry Flat Irons, but the two biggest highlights are that CHI wet to dry models completely cut out the hair drying process.

Wet to dry flat irons are becoming more and more popular because they avoid the need to first blow-dry your hair and produce straighter, shinier hair for those with particularly curly of difficult to manage hair.Applying any heat to your hair damages it. Therefore when you first blow-dry your hair and then use a flat iron to straighten it, you're subjecting your hair to high temperatures not once but twice! You can apply hair serums to your hair to help protect the damage of heat, but if you use a CHI wet to dry ceramic flat iron often you can cause your hair follicles to dry out, which in turn causes frizziness and split-ends.

Manufacturers have realised that first drying your hair before using a flat iron to straighten it puts your hair at twice the risk from heat damage. The answer has been the development of wet to dry flat irons. Using a wet to dry flat iron doesn't eliminate heat damage but it means you can avoid the high temperatures involved in blow-drying your hair. The follow is a review of three of the best wet to dry flat irons on the market today.

The Farouk CHI Wet To Dry Flat Iron has a auto digital feature on the surface allowing convenience of seeing time and temperature settings.Even with three sets of Tourmaline plates it weighs just 2.05 lbs with a very sleek design and easy to use CHI straightener.

The T3 wet or dry flat iron offers the best materials and technology are there. The effect is the use of gentle heat that eliminates static electricity, to calm the hair so that it is more cooperative recovery, shaping and curling. The plates are softer than you can find, and do not pull the hair damage.Most salon professionals will warn against the use of blow dryers, so the use of T3 wet to dry became even more popular. Since hot hair dryers have very dry, intense heat, it can cause significant damage to the hair.So it is good to know that T3 wet to dry straightener are taking your hair from humidity to dry without the need for a dryer.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a cheap wet to dry flat iron, then the T3 tourmaline wet to dry flat iron is an excellent product. If you have hair that just doesn't seem to straighten - and you've used other flat irons - you could give the steam burst flat iron from Maxiglide a try. If money is no problem and you want the best wet to dry flat iron, then the Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron is the one to go for.

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