Tips about how to fix GHD hair straighteners

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Finding the perfect hair straighteners that really works well with your hair is quite a feat. When that straighteners stop working, you can be desperate to get it to work again. Some problems with hair straighteners may be as minor as removing and cleaning the plates. Other problems can be much more technical that you shouldn't try to fix yourself. Trying to fix a hair straightener yourself can make the warranty invalid. So today our ghd blog will share you some tips about how to fix your hair straighteners especially for ghd hair straighteners.

Follow the tips:

  1. Diagnose the problem. If the metal plates still get warm but not hot, it could be gunk that has built up behind them.
  2. Clean behind the plates. Remove the plates by removing the small screws that hold them in place. Clean the area and reattach the plates. Plug in the straightener and see if it works. If the plates aren't doing anything at all, it could be the power.
  3. Check your warranty. Most devices come with a manufacturer's warranty. Ensure that you are still in your warranty time frame.
  4. Call the manufacturer and discuss your problem. Depending on the manufacturer and the problems associated with the hair straighteners, you may be sent a return package so you can ship the item. Most manufacturers will require that you send the item back to them with proof of purchase and the warranty card.
  5. Package the straightener and send it back to the manufacturer. Send the item with some type of signature service. This will serve as proof that you sent it, in case it gets lost in transit.
  6. Check with the manufacturer frequently for updates on your device. Most will give you a time frame for when you can expect the device to be shipped back to you.

If these tips still don't work. The best advice to you is to buy a new hair straightener for your hair. The new generation Ceramic Hair Straighteners are popular with many fashionistas, especially for ghd MK4 Ceramic Hair Straighteners.The heating panels are painted with Ceramic Paste imported from Korea; it can generate infrared ray and negative ions which can protect and rehabilitate hair; the paint does not peel off after 40 thousand continuously straightening.


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