Tips To Care And Clean Your Down Jackets

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One of the warmest and most popular types of jackets that both men and women want these days is the down jacket. These winter garments offer a unique mix of cozy warmth, plush comfort, and dazzling style that you won't find in the typical fleece pullovers or thick wool sweaters. If it's warmth and comfort you want, give one of these jackets a try.Actually,these jackets should last at least 3 years and proper cleaning will ensure that you get the best use from your jacket. A down jacket is very easy to clean and restore to a newer look. There are many tricks to cleaning your down jacket, and avoid a trip the dry cleaners. It is recommended to follow the cleaning methods below to keep your down coats clean and attractive.

The really first step is to always give your coat a quick wipe with a damp paper towel after use, this will ensure that salt or dirt residue will not wear away or discolor your fabric. Also it is recommended not to use any harmful chemicals; these will also lead to ugly unwanted discolorations.

Every down jacket has a label, which shows how to wash and maintain it. If you are careful enough, it is not difficult for you to find that 90% down jackets need hand washing instead of dry-cleaning. Because the washing lotion has ill effects on its ability of keeping warm and makes the Women's Moncler Jackets aging. If you use washing machine, machine wash and dryer spin would change the down jackets' shape, and the downs will distributes asymmetrically.

We should use 30 centigrade water. First, we should soak the clothes in cold water for 20 minutes, making it wet. Then put the washing lotion into 30 centigrade water, and soak it for 5 minutes. In the next step, scrub the jackets with banister brush and wash it with warm water too. Because warm water can make the lotion dissolve sufficiently, which can make goose jackets clean.

If you use washing powder, generally 4 to 5 spoon washing powder is enough. Too much washing powder would make it difficult to make it clean. What is more, the remaining washing powder will affect the filling power.

Neutral detergent do less harm to down jackets. If you use alkaline detergent and don't clean it completely, the downs will be damaged. So you had better put some vinegar in the warm water before washing if you use alkaline detergent. Because the vinegar can neutralize the alkaline detergent.

After washing the men down jackets, you can not wring them. Squeeze out the water and then hang-up and try. No ironing or solarization. After drying, you can beat it softly to recover their filling power.

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