Top 10 Hot and Sexy Women Who Love Baseball

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You wouldn’t normally think of as a place to go for sports news, but here we are: The online dating company has polled their 20 million-plus members to find out which U.S. cities have the highest number of female baseball fans. Let's take a look at 10 unbelievably hot women who love baseball at Cheap Baseball jerseys blog.

1.Laura Cover

Laura Cover

Laura Cover is a former Playboy Playmate of the Month and the wife of former New York Yankee Aaron Boone.

If chicks dig the longball, she no doubt dug her hubby's game-winning shot against theBoston Red Sox Jerseys in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS which sent the Yankees to the World Series.

2.Julia Schultz

Julia Schultz

Julia Schultz is also a former Playboy Playmate and the wife of former Major Leaguer Brett Tomko.

What's that? Brett Tomko is back in the Majors? Oh, didn't notice.

Needless to say, Julia is better at what she does than Brett is at what he does.

3.Jaime Hanna

Jaime Hanna

In an ironic twist, Eva Longoria is one of MLB baseball jerseys' most significant WAGs, or at least was until she and Tony Parker split, and Evan Longoria, the Tampa Bay Rays star, is dating one of baseball's most significant WAGs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Jaime Hanna.

Who is totally smoking.

For those keep score, that is three sports, two Longoria and two babes.

4.Erica Ellyson

Erica Ellyson

Erica Ellyson is a former Penthouse Pet and a . . . ahem . . . softcore porn star.

She is also the girlfriend of Clay Buccholz of the Boston Red Sox.


5.Emily Kuchar

Emily Kuchar

Okay, let me get this straight:

A few years ago, Zack Greinke almost ended his promising career because of social anxiety disorder.

But somehow, he ended up married to Emily Kuchar, Ms. Daytona Beach?

That is quite a comeback.

6.Marikym Hervieux

Marikym Hervieux

If you were ever going to become a professional baseball jersey player, you would have to try to end up either with the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees, because you would have access to the hottest babes.

Of course, Russ Martin has played for both teams. Count Marikym Hervieux amongst the girls Martin has dated.

7.Anna Benson

Anna Benson

Anna Benson is the classless former wife of former Major Leaguer Kris Benson.

(Don't worry about us having said that. Benson is so desperate for attention she'll be glad her name appeared on this list.)

8.Rachel Reynolds

Rachel Reynolds

A former member of the LSU track team, athletes turned Price is Right model Rachel Reynolds was married to Josh Booty, a hugely touted high school athlete who went bust.

(Get it?)

9. Lisa Dergan

Lisa Dergan

This is the wife of Scott Podsednik.

Scott Podsednik!

I am as in to scrappy gold glove speed demons as the next guy, but this woman strikes me as slightly out of Scottie's league.

10.Red Sox Girl vs. Yankees Girl

Red Sox Girl vs. Yankees Girl

I always knew that this was a brutal rivalry, but I hate to see it come to this.

Not only can these girls not afford over-garments, but not they are about to get into a fight over this age-old rivalry.

It's not worth it girls; these two teams will rage on long after one of you spanks the other with your paddle and the other one of you impales the other with your stileto.

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