Top 10 Must Have Hair Products for 2011

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It’s the time to clean out your stash of hair products. Out go the faddish products and implements that were fun to try but are just not practical. I’m getting rid of the things that I may have used once or twice and never again. My treasure chest will be down to the best of the best. The following is a list of My Ten Must Haves for 2011.

  1. Curling Iron. Curling irons or hair straighteners are necessary for our daily life.We need this to touch up my flat iron styles - adding a bit of shape to the bangs - and my hot rollers style – changing the direction of a curl. The best curling irons is ghd curling irons and chi flat iron. With rounder barrel, it means that flirty flicks, voluminous waves and perfect curls can be effortlessly created without the need for extra styling tools like curlers or tongs.
  2. Most Important. The best quality Shampoo and Conditioner that I can find for my hair. Shampoo and conditioner prepares the fabric that is the foundation for the style that is important to my image.
    My hair is color treated, curly and tends to frizz so I use gentle moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. (If my hair was fine and limp, I would choose body building shampoo and a conditioner formulated for fine hair. Fine limp hair still needs a conditioner.
  3. Heat Protection. I use a CHI Original Black Flat Iron most of the time and ghd curling iron sometimes. Protection is a must! I like chi irons. It is a leave-in conditioner that protects my hair from heat styling at high temperatures. Without heat protection, heat styling dries hair out, can cause breakage and always dulls the shine.
  4. Great Hair Spray. It must hold my hair where I want it to stay without making my hair look plastered down. I want my hair spray to brush out easily when I’m finished with it without excessive product feel after it’s brushed out. I also look for hairspray that contains a bit of protein to condition my hair as I use it. And let’s not forget shine. I want my hair to shine no matter how much hair spray I use. – Yes - my hair spray does all this.
  5. Great Styling Product. It must be right for the style I want. I use firm hold styling foam for the top of my hair when I wear it straight. I need it to keep the fullness on top and to keep the bangs back from my face. I use serum and curling cream when I wear my hair curly. I use finishing cream for finish either style.
  6. Blow Dryer with the latest technology so that it dries my hair fast without causing damage. If my blow dryer takes too long, I get tired of it and I don’t do a good job of drying my hair. The latest technology dries my hair quicker while keeping it in good condition.
  7. Great Ceramic Flat Iron. My ghd mk4 flat iron must get hot enough to make my hair straight and sleek in a short amount of time. The ceramic plates do this without hot spots. Other technology shines my hair.
  8. Hot Rollers. This year hot rollers are a must for flexibility of style. You can get big curls or waves quickly.
  9. Bobby Pins Both short and long bobby pins to create a quick updo after using my hot rollers.
  10. Last but not least. Pony Tail Holder A must have for the times when I just want my hair out of the way. I use it for a change of pace (it can be very sophisticated), for working out, for shopping or cleaning house. I can use it when my hair is long or even when I wear it in a bob. (I put up the top, leaving the nape section down.)

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