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Tourmaline Flat Iron

All women want to look their best all the time. Most of them use a typical straight type of iron. By using theTourmaline Flat Iron these women will find more options and styles than they ever dreamed of. They will love standing in front of the mirrors of hours dreaming up new ways to fix their hair. When they've finally finished the new look they've created everyone will think they just spend hours at the stylist.Today I will share you top 4 Tourmaline Flat Iron brand for you.

1.T3 flat iron

The T3 Tourmaline iron is made with the precious stone Tourmaline, which is usually found in jewelry and it's known as the "electric stone" that releases ionic energy and infrared heat when put under pressure or is heated. Why is this good? This stone causes your hair to become more vibrant and better looking than ever before.Only introduced onto the market in 2004, the T3 Duality professional flat iron has gained a strong foothold in the market and is now one of the leading hair straighteners. The first thing you notice about the T3 Tourmaline Medium Duality flat iron is its good looks but the qualities of the T3 flat iron go further than how it looks. T3 tourmaline flat irons use the latest technology to give you perfectly straight hair.

2.Sedu flat irons

Sedu uses tourmaline, a gemstone that when heated generates up to six times more negative ions than ordinary flat irons. Negative ions smoothes the outer layer of the hair making it look shiny. Hair bombarded with negative ions help to eliminate frizz or split ends and makes it more manageable.Although the heat up time of the Sedu Ionic Ceramic flat iron is not as quick as some other brands, it is still ready to use in only 25 seconds. The plate widths of Sedu flat irons are either 1 or 1 ½ inches. The body of the Sedu flat iron is made from high-strength composite materials, which makes the Sedu one of the lightest flat irons on the market.

3.Corioliss Pro Silver flat iron

The Corioliss Pro Silver flat iron is nearly twice the price of the Solia, making it one of the most expensive tourmaline flat irons you can buy, but it's worth every penny. Its good looks are consummate with its performance. Heat up time is only 6 seconds! The plate size is 1" and the plates reach a top temperature of 430F - higher than that of many flat irons. Sedu claim to make one of the lightest flat irons - the Sedu 1" flat iron weighing in at 0.9lbs - however, the Corioliss Pro Silver 1" flat iron weighs only 0.72lbs, making it very easy to use, especially when straightening the back of your hair. The iconic Corioliss Limited Edition Pink 1" flat iron is for those who want something a little special. And if you're looking for something extra special, take a look at the Corioliss Pro-Hair Purple Flat Iron. Finally, Corioliss flat irons come with dual-voltage as standard so you can use a Corioliss hair straightener anywhere in the world.

4.Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

One of the cheapest, top-rated tourmaline flat irons is the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. The Solia tourmaline flat iron comes in four plate sizes; the 3/4"plate is perfect for bangs and really short hair and is also the perfect size for creating all sorts of curly-haired styles. Plate widths also include the 1" and 1 ¼" - the latter being the most popular size. These sizes are perfect for medium hair length or hair that isn't too curly. If you hair is difficult to straighten then you should definitely go for the 1 ¾" plates on the Solia tourmaline flat iron. Solia flat irons come with Dynamic Alignment System to ensure perfect contact between the plates and your hair. The Solia Limited Edition Pink flat iron is a very popular model, however, if you're looking to buy a pink flat iron, the Corioliss pink flat iron is a better choice; it looks better and heats up quicker than does the Solia but it is a lot more expensive - more about Corioliss in a moment. Finally, Solia claim that their tourmaline flat irons can be used on wet hair - actually damp hair that has been first combed through. This is a real plus point as using T3 wet to dry iron avoid having to first use a hair dryer.

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