What To Consider When buying Flat irons

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Hair straighteners are available everywhere from bargain retail stores to high end, high dollar salons. They range in price from less than $20 to more than $500 and each style has something to offer.There are many things to consider when purchasing ceramic flat irons and it's important to be aware of the benefits of each hair straightener. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming to find the "right" one. Not all styling irons are the same, and inexpensive does not necessarily mean best value. Before purchasing a new hair straightener, consider the type of plates, the heat settings, the plate size and the warranty.

Type of plates

The most common types of plates on a hair straightener are metal, glass, ceramic, titanium and a tourmaline ceramic blend. Metal and glass are typically used in the least expensive straighteners. Unfortunately, however, they are often painted, which can result in chipping and damaged hair. Metal and glass plates tend to take longer to heat and don't always heat evenly, leading to dry, damaged, frizzy hair.

The most expensive variety of hair straighteners are the tourmaline and ceramic blend. These T3 tourmaline are also the highest quality and leave the hair smoother and straighter than the other varieties.

Titanium hair straighteners are very smooth and are known to heat evenly and maintain their heat. This is important for even straightening and styling and efficient results.

Hair straighteners with ceramics plates are slightly more expensive than straighteners with metal or glass plates, but they are still affordable. The CHI ceramic flat iron are more evenly and produce smoother, shinier and less frizzy hair.

Heat settings

The heating mechanism on a hair straightener often involves more than just "on" and "off." While there are varieties that have simply one switch, many newer and higher quality straighteners offer temperature settings and automatic off features.Heat will unavoidably damage hair over time. That said, it is important to consider the best temperature for each style and length of hair; the hottest setting on aBaByliss iron is not always the most effective.

Plate size

Plate size is another important, often forgotten feature of a hair straightener. If the straightener is intended for primarily straightening long hair, a two inch plate will be most effective. For a person more interested in styling the hair, a hair straightener with a one inch plate is best. For those who are interested in a combination of straightening or styling, or for those who share a hair straightener, there are even 1inch varieties available.For CHI 1 ceramic flat iron

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